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Flow: Prologue
Amelia stared out of the window, the white fluffy clouds lazily drifting across the sky, envious of all the citizens who had mastered their skills and boosted their great works of art. She was especially annoyed at all the heroes, especially the ones that didn't rely on combat-based skills. "Flow", it was called, a legendary ability that all people held. By training any skill to a sufficiently high level, you could push it to create grand spectacles. Yet even after the discovery of Flow, her parents merely wanted her to train skills related to improving the kingdom, such as diplomacy and wooing other boys, in hope of becoming greater than the Minister position her father held. She sighed, resting her head on her left hand. Just when she thought she was going to doze off, she heard a yelling in the distant, and she could have sworn it was her sister. She jumped out of the window, landing on the balcony below. Indeed, what was before her was a gigantic whale taking away her sister by the
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Song Review Collection
Review of "This Game" (Wakabayashi Mitsur, 2014)
The vast majority of pop has their chorus set within their first minute. In fact, this song along with "Fly Freely" (Pheonix Legend) are the only two exceptions within my favorite list. Even set aside though, you can tell this song is different. It opens with a nice piano introduction, and then gets right in to the "piano verse" with the drums and guitar added. With the amp-up, the verse is very nice to begin with. As the verses build up--
"Reflected in our eyes is a fate of absolute victory.
Everything is going as planned;
We’ll change everything with an untainted blank space."
the excellent message of the chorus then complements this,
"We are maverick; we don’t need a savior!
No matter how unfair the odds,
All we can do is win."
The further verses also assert the certainty of winning.
Overall, 5/5. The anime is very fun and the full song is very well done, with a beautiful piano and unusual chord progressions and a good mes
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Hidden Falls
up above the falls
alone, here I am
looking up above
see the clouds as I sprawl
hear the river rush
the sun making my skin flush
a beautiful landscape below
colors vivid as an artist's paintbrush
step by step,
step by step,
over stone and rock
how I wish you were here so that we could talk
but this is now,
where the birds sing,
and the flowers bloom
this view I shall take in, I vow
Now I walk through the dusty path
wondering what more lies ahead
perhaps I shall sleep under the tree
or make a canopy as a bed
down below the falls,
I perform strongly for all,
dance, play instrument, I proudly stand tall...
then rest for a little while,
see the clouds as I sprawl
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The Ultimate MMORPG
After 10 years of playing the ultimate MMORPG, I believed it was finally time to stop. I was 80 years old by now in real life and I was ready to rest and relax at the senior center. It had been enough, fighting great monsters, battling on spaceships, escaping prisons... with all my other friends, it was easy to lose yourself, believing you were a 20 year old man, strong, master of martial arts. Playing it on and off led me to actually be more disappointed in real life, since it was not as exciting. But yet still, real life had its own benefits. My wife didn't mind me playing the game and she played along quite often as well. My friends felt more real, since even the ultimate MMORPG had its bugs and updates that interrupted the realism. As I drank a whiskey, stroking my beard, savoring the taste, I appreciated that real life had additional subtleties that differentiated from the virtual reality game. I closed my eyes, breathing in the air. I heard footsteps, then--
"hey, time's up."
I b
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Failure: the Mother of Success
There is a famous Chinese saying, “failure is the mother of success”. I have experienced failure many times, but after each failure, I always strove to come back stronger than ever. It was during a problematic sixth grade that I experienced not one, but many failures in a row. At first, they overwhelming me, but eventually, I used the experience from these failures to help me improve and succeed today.
During third grade, to cure a sickness of mine, I had needed to stay in China for three long years. However, during this time, I had not read, written, or spoke any English, leaving me with zero English interaction. Not only so, the school had poor conditions and I was bullied quite often. After I came back, I had trouble communicating with my teachers and other students. I also shied away from social interaction due to my bad experience in China. Naturally, with poor English skills meant failure in other classes than English. I could not understand any of the material or any
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Well first of all very realistic. A gamer like Lauren would definitely want some break time, with chips and soda and all that stuff. Ne...

First off, let me point out that everything glows. Yes. From a absolutely glorious view point a little distance away from Flutters, the...

Put into two words: too good. From the start, this video game felt like Mario indeed, only with that Kirby-looking emoji. With nice col...

This photo overall is very calm and peaceful. It manages to capture the beauty of nature enough so that we know it's within the wild li...



Amelia stared out of the window, the white fluffy clouds lazily drifting across the sky, envious of all the citizens who had mastered their skills and boosted their great works of art. She was especially annoyed at all the heroes, especially the ones that didn't rely on combat-based skills. "Flow", it was called, a legendary ability that all people held. By training any skill to a sufficiently high level, you could push it to create grand spectacles. Yet even after the discovery of Flow, her parents merely wanted her to train skills related to improving the kingdom, such as diplomacy and wooing other boys, in hope of becoming greater than the Minister position her father held. She sighed, resting her head on her left hand. Just when she thought she was going to doze off, she heard a yelling in the distant, and she could have sworn it was her sister. She jumped out of the window, landing on the balcony below. Indeed, what was before her was a gigantic whale taking away her sister by the collar. Confused, she rubbed her eyes to ensure that this was real. But it was indeed true. The flying whale almost seemed to wink as it whisked her away.

"Mama, papa!" She called, but by the time they arrived, it was far too late. They dismissed her story as a tale spun by imagination and ushered her back in. However, the minister did find it strange that his daughter disappeared into thin air, so sent a trusted soldier to look for her, since she was known to playfully disappear time to time. But day passed by, and the sister never returned. The minister grew angry, thinking that she had ran away, influenced by Amelia's constant complaining. He ordered her to bed early, and at the same time worried about what really happened to his daughter. That night, Amelia sneaked out, grabbing some food and supply, ready to find her sister. She was one of her only true friends she had and she wasn't about to lose her to some dumb giant whale.

As she wandered further and further out of town, she then realized how futile this was. How could she find her sister, if a trained soldier couldn't? Perhaps she was being too hopeful. As she thought about the uselessness of her skills, she suddenly remembered that Flow depended on dedication and truthfulness. Had the parents believed her, perhaps they would have found her sister by now. She concentrated greatly, bringing out her map that she brought with her. She focused on what the whale looked like, the taunting face, and how her sister looked scared, unsure of what was going to happen. She felt the familiar Zone come to her, and she realized that her sister was already bought to a faraway kingdom. Though she didn't have a good idea how far, she had an idea of the direction. So she begun her journey, determined to find her sister. Who knows, maybe someone could teach me about more useful skills than diplomacy, she thought, recalling knowing a girl who wanted to be a knight in a nearby camp to save her parents from being stuck in the dungeons...

Sir Quincy had seen many battles, but this was the first time he had ever seen someone had thrown a helmet at another. As he adjusted his monocle on his right eye, he watched in great interest as the two continued to fight. One knight was dazed, surprised at the thrown helmet. The other was a mysterious man with long draping hair over his face. This person was quite unusual, he had medical training before his fighting ability, and his stances along with fighting style were all quite unorthodox. The man seemed to be yelling now, a smooth voice carried by the wind: "How frustrating!" He stated, crumpling upon his knee and wincing at the wound on his knee. "Why do I have to carry all these duels for you? And for what? A few gold coins? My parents are still innocently trapped in the dungeon!" The crowd watched on, confused, sure that this was merely a backstory to sway them rather than the truth. The other knight got up, patting the dust off his armor. He continued pointing the sword at the helmet-less knight, still wary of any attack. Quincy noted how quick and agile the complaining man was, though his strokes weren't strong, they landed well and in the most dangerous places. As he got more angry, the crowd grew astonished as the man's eyes seemed to glow red. As he took another strong blow in the stomach, he tumbled to the ground.

"That's it, I've had enough!" He yelled out in an unusually high voice, then he rushed forward, the dust gathered around to match his mood. The other knight was surprised and fell backwards, with a single slice the man broke through his defenses and pointed the sword at his neck. The long-haired man stomped away from the battle, the audience clapping, but he was already ready to leave.

"If you'll excuse me, sire, may I ask your technique?" Quincy inquired, twiddling his mustache, curious to learn how he managed to learn battling well enough to master such a skill. The knight merely ignored him and continued onward. "Er, I'm terribly sorry, but-- " As he grabbed onto his shoulder, he tried to pull him off, only to snag his fancy monocle on his clothes. He could've sworn he saw the knight's face glow a little red though he quickly went forward, leaving Quincy to dismiss this thought as imagination. 

That night the knight talked to one of his friends hidden in his tent. "So, Jalmyr, are you giving up?" the girl asked. He thought it through and slowly nodded. "Alas, I learned, there is no honor to be won in battle. Only pain. I thought it was bad in the one war I fought in, but I could only free my mother. Even as I work my ways up the ranks, the leader continuously says my father is still unpardonable. What shall I ever do, Amelia?" The girl's eyes seemed to sparkle. "Hey, don't worry, us girls got to stick together. I'm sure that we can find something else to do. My sister disappeared quite some time ago, and I'm sure you can help me. My father's not quite as unreasonable as your leader, and I know that he'll help release your father." The knight nodded, ready to set foot forth.

In the morning, Quincy would awake to see outside his window two vague women walking out. But was one of them a knight? He rubbed his eyes again. Hmm, perhaps he needed new monocles. He thought over how rough the battles were and how the knight he had seen might've wanted to leave because of that. But then he smirked. Perhaps the battles were indeed painful. He had seen maybe unfortunate soldiers lose their life for no result. This knight was lucky in comparison. In his opinion, the true honor was not to win a battle, but to be able to move on and learn lessons after losing.


The rain poured down as the great flying whale known as Vex solemnly floated in the halls. As the lightning flashed outside of the building, Vex faced down one of the most dangerous mercenaries on the planet. "Heheheh. So, You finally hit my weak point, Flintwood? Very impressive. What will you do now?"

Bloodied and wounded, the mercenary had one knee to the floor and his sword laid on the ground. He had severely underestimated his opponent and could not fathom just how powerful this whale was. "I came so far, finding you kidnapping these innocent girls... and for what purpose? Your own slavery? Your entertainment? Such power, and why do you use it for this?" The whale chuckled in response, then coughed up blood as well. Though he was not greatly harmed on the outside, this mercenary was excellent at attacking the inner organs, due to his study of anatomy. It seemed that merely a single blow could resolve the battle, but both were reluctant to give up all they worked for, should they make a mistake or give an opening.

"I'll give you another chance... " Vex said, "We both know you honestly have enough fame and fortune to go by. That's not what you want. You wanted honor and justice. Yet still, these girls have their own potential. With your constant following of orders from the higher ups, how are you taking any action?"

Flintwood was silent for quite some time. He had never thought of it that way. He had always assumed that the royals were correct, but even he had to admit there were possibly some corruption behind the scenes. He grimaced at the pain, then continued asking: "Then, what is so special about these girls? Why did you choose them?"

Vex nodded at the question. "I've been researching and I found that surrounded by this origin of power, of skill... they have potential. 'Savants', I like to call them. I'm sure that we can explain the situation and train them well. I've gathered just enough evidence to be able to convince these girls-- though it won't be enough for the masses. They'll surely crush us had we openly declared our purposes..."

Flintwood stood up. He thought for a bit longer and finally made his decision. "Very well then. But if I see anything off... " he then motioned a single finger across his throat. Vex breathed a sigh of relief, and had Flintwood follow him to the studies.

Unfortunately, though Vex had won this battle, he missed out on a young girl slipping outside of her room's window, using makeshift ropes from the bed in order to escape. She ran out, looking for the nearest town so that she could find someone to help her out, and hopefully reunite with her sister Amelia.


WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE: 5,000 GOLD. The Assassin tore down his poster paper, laughed, and continued forward into the fairy temple. He had learned legends about this place, about how all fell to the mysterious haunted beings and the dangerous traps. But he was an incredibly skilled rogue, after all. He blended into the shadows as he ran, the black mask on his face becoming a blur as he dodged the arrows, with only a single one barely grazing him. Heh, no matter. He went into the shrine deeper, as it cautioned with strange symbols. He carefully threw rocks to ensure that he would be safe, and dashed forward. After much careful maneuver and swinging across a spiked gap using vine ropes, he finally reached the end of the temple. There was a mysterious engraving that could potentially offer incredible power. He smiled as he thought of all that he could do with this. He spoke, a flurry of powerful words whispered out of his mouth, gradually getting louder and louder, but a loud rumble behind him, a trigger of a boulder trap, distracted him, and then--

He appeared right in another temple, in front of two astonished citizens, one a knight wearing armor, another a young girl. He frowned. What had he done wrong? The knight then asked: "Hey, I thought this temple was supposed to teleport one of my friends over... I don't recognize you." The rogue was on high alert now. Somehow, this other temple has managed to connect to the lost shrine. He was ready to fight, but his vision grew blurry -- drats, the arrow was poisoned! How amateur of him to assume that those were merely normal arrows. Though he did have resistance to that, he feared he could not fight this knight, who seemed to have much skill as well. He decided to gamble it. "Uh.... hi?" He said, raising his hands to show he meant no harm. He staggered a bit, collapsing on the side, the young girl running to him. "are you okay?" she asked, worried. It was almost ironic -- such a powerful assassin, nearly ruined by merely on poisonous arrow. "I uh... I was in a troubled situation, so I decided to run into a temple. I quickly chanted the teleport spell to escape over here... " he coughed, losing consciousness. The knight narrowed her eyes. "hmm... that man looks suspicious... I could've sworn I seen him on a wanted poster. You sure you want to help him, Amelia?"

The girl thought over it. "Well, I guess we could keep him for questioning... he hasn't hurt us so far..." The knight grunted in reluctant agreement. The assassin breathed a sigh of relief, though as he felt himself being tied up, he knew he had more to worry about later. The knight sighed, still looking at him suspiciously. "It's a shame he used up our teleport... but I guess we'll see if he can be our ally."


The Elders were a powerful race that humans thought were in hiding, but in reality merely developed very slowly and only ventured out hundreds of years after their first had been born. One such elder taught stories and experiences to other humans, often talking to those who were in their sixties and seventies. Sure, they were still "children", but they could definitely be taught, as they were much wiser than their younger counterparts. One such Elder named Vekyl calmly strolled through town as usual, bustling with activity. The humans all greeting him as usual and he was glad to see some subtle improvements. However, what he didn't expect was the girl that was sent to him today, a young woman who was only twenty six years old. "Er... sorry! Greetings great elder, the name's Lily! I uh... I got lost and I'm looking for my home town Ikinara... perhaps you could lead the way?"

Vekyl was utterly aghast at her lack of manners and her dressing. He was disgusted at the fact that the other children were even supportive of this. It was indeed true that he was free for quite a long time -- in fact, he was planning on an independent venture in order to let the children to thrive on their own for a week. He had already packed up and was ready to go-- but with this baby of a human? He looked at her in contempt, but he had to be careful not to turn her away so easily. The wisest of the wise knew to even take the most immature humans a bit seriously, protect them from harm... but this girl looked particularly troublesome. Her outfit was unkempt, she looked as if she had been in the rain for hours, and she didn't even deeply bow down to him. Vekyl thought about this thoroughly and deeply, while the child who had bought Lily to him merely raised her shoulders, confirming to Lily that the great and wise Vekyl was surely in deep thought and had insurmountable calculations to make. After quite some time, Vekyl finally nodded. "Very well then my child. I shall give her some learning experience and lead her to Ikinara. But do not blame me if she should fall to her own mistake."

"Thank you!" She said, though the child nudged her and she then quickly followed by a bow, "Oh great Elder Vekyl." Well, at least she got something done right, even if one of his students had to teach her. He then trudged on forth, with her following closely behind. But merely a few miles away from the town, there were already problems-- human baby bandits on the attack. Sigh. These were always mildly troublesome, the immaturity of humans and the want of riches. The Elders would usually meditate for a few decades in order to get rid of these troublesome ideas, and it was a shame that the humans did not do the same. "Do not worry, little one. I shall protect you." He assured her. But to his astonishment, she wasn't scared at all. She prepared a fighting stance of her own, as the bandits drew their weapons, an absurd mistake to make against a powerful Elder. He pushed his palm, forcing all the bandits backwards. From centuries of learning the nature and the wind, he had mastered the force. "This is a warning, children. Go forth and play on your own time. Leave us alone." But the bandits wouldn't give up. One of them drew a silly toy called "the bow". That could be mildly troublesome as well. Vekyl scoffed and flung a backhand, smacking the bow-holder into the ground. The bandits all rushed in to attack, surprising him. What was even more surprising was Lily tackling him to the ground, saving him from the bandits. "Let's go!" She said with surprising speed, leading Vekyl away from the bandits. This shocked Vekyl. "Hearken now, small human Lily. Those babies must be taught a lesson now, less they regret it later."

"Are you kidding me? They severely outnumbered us. Sure, you had your skills, but I'm not sure you can survive that many bandits at once." Vekyl looked at him once again, and saw that she spoke the truth. Even he had a small wound, an opening that he did not fathom. And she got some cuts herself from protecting him.

"Hmm.... I must say, I am mildly impressed. It seems like your young humankind hot-bloodedness isn't always terrible. However, you must tell me if you wish to do something this reckless next time." Lily rolled her eyes, though Vekyl didn't mind it too much. It wasn't everyday that a youngling human taught him something new.


The infamous Warlord Ji'pha stood victoriously over the court jester, with his funny hat on the ground, a bloody nose, and a broken arm. His life slipped away, as he wondered how it had come to be this way. He was merely attending to the king, using his humorous skills he had learned from his lifetime. It was true that today was a bit dry, most of his jokes didn't hit the spot like they used to, and some of them misfired too, but he was sure he was gonna get by fine. That was until he tried a trick with slipping on a banana peel and crashed into the King's table, tipping down a drink. The king's cup was broken into two, and he was angry. Then the jester was declared useless. "Hmph! With this war going on, I have no need for entertainment! Send him off to Ji'pha!" Shocked, the jester begged for his life, but the king had none of that. So he went off, sure that with the soldiers he was sent with, he could manage to survive.

He was wrong. He had barely been given enough soldiers-- they were merely for stalling, and the force was completely wiped out in a matter of minutes, despite there being only one opponent, Ji'pha. So then he faced down the warlord, gulping and with sweat trailing down his forehead. He surely could not run, with Ji'pha's horse still in top-notch shape. Indeed, the warlord taunted him, punching him in the face, launching him backwards, his hat landing pathetically in the ground. The jester attempted his best to make jokes and say that he could entertain the warlord, but Ji'pha laughed, an insane look in his eyes, unconvinced. "You useless jester... hahaha, you were lucky your funny outfit kept you alive so far... but you are doomed." He then continued, jumping off his horse and pinning the jester, proceeding to break his arm. "This is soooo fun," Ji'pha continued, as the jester screamed in pain, "No wonder your king sent you to your death."

The jester could not believe how torturous this was and how hopeless the situation seemed. It's fine, it's fine, I was going to die anyways... he thought, hoping for a quick finish. The warlord kicked him in the knee, sending him stumbling. "Dance, dance, fool!" Ji'pha commanded, laughing at his arm flailing about, desperate to find some balance. Suddenly the jester realized his arm didn't feel painful anymore. He had been trained in The Zone quite a few times, but he had rarely felt it due to mostly doing comedic acts. And yet, Ji'pha found this so funny that he had ironically reached the pinnacle of comedy. And what occurred at that time? He would only become an actor. So his heart burned with determination, as he continued acting like an absurd weak Jester. He looked around and noticed the edge of the land nearby. And he took a huge risk, stumbling even more, slurring his words, in an attempt to further fool Ji'pha while he followed him. "Uhehehehehe!! Drunk are we? No wonder you don't seem scared anymore! Well, more fun for me!" They ran left and right, the jester narrowly dodging Ji'pha's attacks, at first entertaining him, though eventually enraging him. "STOP MOVING!" He said, his body glowing red with The Zone's power, the ground shaking. It was time to enact his plan. The jester ran around a tree close to the edge, and Ji'pha slashed at him, causing a great wound in his back, but he continued, pulling back the branch and-- WHACK! In his rage, Ji'pha was surprised by this change, and tumbled backwards. With a single quick push, the jester sent him over the edge, horrified and doomed.

That night, the king would be astonished at what the jester did and rehired him. The jester was quite relieved at this, and as he recovered from his wounds, he suddenly got the idea to test out his newfound ability. By using others' senses of humors against them, surely he could find a way to be the perfect actor....


The king of the empire loomed over another backstabbing traitor at his feet. He smirked, walking around the man who had just tried to kill him. But the assassin looked back fearlessly. He heard that the emperor practically never executed anyone, always leaving them in his custody, trying to torture and brainwash them. He was confident that with his perfect lock-picking skills and his hidden talents, he would find a way out. Indeed, the king seemed to ramble on about his imminent victory, the pathetic nature of the filth below him, though the assassin frowned on the outside, he smiled in the inside, surely having won this battle. But suddenly the king stopped.

"...That's what you were expecting me to say, weren't you?" The king smiled in the darkness, freezing the assassin's blood cold. Sweat ran down his forehead, hoping that the king was merely bluffing. But the king leaned close and whispered: "I know exactly what you're thinking. The truth is, I never kept anyone I didn't know with one hundred percent certainty that they wouldn't survive. The only man to surprise me in all of these years is that silly jester, who somehow survived against that warlord... but enough talk." And with that, the assassin's eyes widened as the king himself swiftly and elegantly wielded the sword and slit the assassin's throat. He even had his men search the body to ensure there would be no miracles to save him. Then he was carried away, his body burnt to ashes.

The king sipped on a cup tea as he looked into his crystal ball. "Ah yes, Vex, my ally... I have something to discuss with you," he said, looking at the image of a seemingly ordinary mage, "With more assassins coming to interrupt me... do you know anything about this?" The man on the other side grimly shook his head, as the emperor looked on suspiciously. "Well, please do increase my security. You are my most trusted advisory, after all." The man nodded.

Ha, most trusted! As if. In reality, the emperor was aware Vex was planning something behind him. He had read people for so long, not even this mastermind could hide from him. But he could certainly use Vex's magical skills. He had heard rumors that Vex was actually an animal who shapeshifted into a human, rather than the other way around. He would have to test some more to pinpoint precisely what Vex was doing.


Gideon was only four when he first met Raviosa. She had flame-red hair and horns on her head, though he thought this was just one of the unique traits that other children had. Though Gideon was from a respectable family, he often visited the Orphanage nearby the slums and chatted with some of the other kids there. His parents didn't mind too much, having no knowledge of this child demon, and thinking it a good experience, since they were far away from the big city anyways. But it was one day when Raviosa asked Gideon to meet her father that changed his entire life.

Gideon had been running around with Raviosa, exploring the forest nearby. He had been trapped in some vines, and she cut them for him, though he accidentally got scratched as well, tripping some and bruising himself even more. She dropped the knife immediately, and looked pretty worried as she tried her best to soothe the wound, though of course, even as a demon she couldn't do much. After Gideon picked up the knife, she brought him to her father. You can imagine Gideon, still hurting a bit, going from slight pain to great curiosity as he saw the black shadow loom over him.

"What is thisss?" It hissed, now instilling a slight fear in him, with the voice of a snake. Raviosa pouted, "come on, papa, he's no harm.... he's a friend." But he could feel the disappointment of the shadowy figure. grrrrrr, it went, as if it were a hungry stomach. "help him," Raviosa continued, "it's just a scratch. Pweaseee?" After a second of silence Gideon could feel the figure suddenly grin, plotting something. "Well well well... I suppose I can entertain myself... what is it that you want, little child?"

He thought firstly about his wound and then thought about what a wonderful friend Raviosa was. They played together a lot and he wanted to go on adventures with her. He had read his first book of a fantasy adventure, with the clever thief managing to steal from the rich and giving to the poor, and despite his love being kidnapped, eventually rescued her at the end of the story. That was what he wanted. The devil smiled still, unwavered at his wholesome thoughts. "An adventure? A thief? Well, if it is what you want, you shall have it!" And with a snap, he healed Gideon's wounds and granted his wish.

He played some more with Raviosa, who assured that her father wasn't a bad person. He thought of nothing of the devil "Granting his wish", since his parents helped give him small gifts all the time to his silly requests. However, he was stuck at home a long day, with a lot of business for his parents to attend to, and he went to sleep early.

The next day, Gideon was anxious when he couldn't find Raviosa. He asked around and it seems that some soldiers had taken her away. What was this? Hadn't she been fine yesterday? He entered the tent, a weak shadow in the back. It snarled at him, saying that his risk of magic had allowed them to find her, to take her. Who knows what they would do? Its eyes glowed red, and it almost struck, but held back. What could it do? Gideon was just an innocent child after all. But the shadow asserted that its gift was still in effect, Gideon would have the gift to be the perfect thief. And so Gideon grew up, training the best he could, never forgetting about Raviosa. Even after he learned about demons, he remained strong in his belief that she was an exception, bitter that his "adventure" request perhaps went a little too well.

20 years later

Amelia and her knight stared into the fire, both silent at the captive bound in ropes in front of them.

"So..." the knight begun, "You went into the dangerous ritual location in order to contact with the Dark Side, in hopes of getting information about Raviosa?"

"Yes." The man said.

"And, you are an assassin, less by choice, but more due to your four year old's accidental Deal with the Devil?" Amelia questioned, astonished at the story.

The man nodded. He then requested to show the knife, and the knight carefully unbound his right hand. What was revealed was an unmistakable seal of Ritual, a marking that inferred this was unholy, perhaps a weapon to guard against others finding about Raviosa.

"Then... we shall help you," Amelia said, "my sister was kidnapped too, which might be related." The man closed his eyes, silently thanking them.

Faraway, a magician named Vex was questioned about his decision to turn into a giant whale by an adviser. "Ah yes," Vex said, "Their area was rather high up and I had to reveal my true form. No worries though, I made sure nobody significant spotted me." How wrong he was. As Vex strolled downstairs into a hidden room, he smirked as he faced the girl who now had not just one, but two new allies.

"So, Raviosa... care to talk?"

When Raviosa was taken by the soldiers, Vex was astonished. He was young then, a shapeshifter who had just managed to master his magic. He had learned all dangerous animals' anatomy and with the help of the Devil he had boosted his initial magic to beyond his usual capacity. It shortened his lifespan and gave him occasional visions, but he was certain in his cause. He spoke to the Devil, bargaining yet more, but even it could not save its own daughter. In a fit, Vex killed the monster and set forth his own plan to save Raviosa and hopefully gain her trust in his plan against the king.

Raviosa was taken to a tall tower far away, with many guards standing, ready to deliver her to her death. They didn't want to attract the attention of all the malicious force; killing her in public would be too much. So they hired a man who was skilled in taking down demons like her. "Heheheh..." the man smiled wickedly, a perverted look in his eye. They were alone in the room, the guards at the door, no help in sight. He pressed the knife to her collar. "Such beauty... and such shame that it's going to be ruined. I'm going to have a lot of fun!" Screams echoed through the chamber.

Vex had managed to obtain information on where Raviosa was. With pain at his head, he recalled the feeling of fur, the vicious roar, and the majestic body. Within a minute, he transformed into a tiger, leaping forth with great speed, reached the tower in no time at all. Going in, he surprised the guards greatly, biting and scratching at them. Finally he reached the final door, and crashed it open. The torturerer turned, but didn't look surprised -- only amused. His grin grew wider as Raviosa had her clothing torn, a few slashes on her chest, the blood still fresh. "Hohohoho, would you look at that? A shape-shifter in the flesh! How exciting..." And with a deft step and lunge, Vex was pushed back! This was astonishing, as Vex did not expect someone to recognize his kind. How was it possible? He realized that his magic was still too identifiable, too different from the usual type of magic. Though he was facing a mad man, this man was surely knowledgeable as well. He tried as he might to return to his true form, to battle him on equal grounds, but it was difficult with the strain on him, as well as the new wound. The man slowly walked out, without a care in the world, laughing: "Who knew tigers were so weak?" He kicked Vex, sending him tumbling down the stairs. Combined with the darkness ebbing in the back of his mind, Vex found it hard to concentrate. It seemed that he could imitate physical traits of another animal, but it would only go for so long.

For the first time in a long time, Vex felt fear. He was backed into a corner as the man stepped down the stairs, as if he was having a grand entrance as a hero. "Well well well... I wonder why you want to save her. Is it... love? Or worse... lust? Perhaps we're the same, after all!" He cackled maniacally. Vex found the opening and pounced, though the mad man flipped backwards, narrowly dodging. "Huhuhuhu... DIDJA really think I was open?" He taunted, slashing yet again, throwing Vex back. The shape-shifter was at his limits. He was low on magic, and even if he transformed back, he doubted that he'd be able to defeat this insane person. Just when he thought all hope was lost, Raviosa appeared, and bashed the man on the head with her shackles. "WHAT??" He said, falling a floor to the ground. Apparently, he expected Raviosa to remain fearful, but even with both her feet and hands shackled, she managed to move quickly and silently, surprising him with a strike. "go!" Raviosa said, tears in her eyes, nearly tripping over herself. Vex took her hand and ran, ran, ran.

20 years later

"so, Raviosa, care to talk?" Vex asked, his wrinkles and white hair clearly noting the stress of the demonic deal he had made. Raviosa frowned at him, shaking her head. Though she was able to reluctantly train for the purposes of taking down the king, she was still unwilling to fully cooperate with Vex, due to him killing her father. He sighed. "I didn't want to come down to this... but..." He held up a poster with a famed assassin on it, with Raviosa's eyes widening with recognition, "... how do you feel about your friend?"

Flow: Prologue
Tell me if you're interested in more stuff like this...    
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