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Darth Vader vs Kylo Ren

Low quality  pic for this fan art I made of Darth Vader overwhelming Kylo Ren. Took me a lot of time and effort, but I think it was worth it, love how it turned out.
Big Darth Vader fan here.
Don't forget to visit my fb page for more of my art, there is gonna be a few detailed close up of this piece there.…
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Vader said "I hate you brat you destroyed everything we work hard for!"

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Kylo: Why'd you chop my arm off I thought we were just sparring

Vader: I thought you wanted to be like me. If you want to skip a few steps I could throw you near a volcano and cut off your other limbs.

Kylo: Well I don't want to do that-

Vader: Do you want to be like me?

Kylo: Y-yes.

Vader: So go get a replacement, then we continue.

Kylo: *sigh* yes, master.

Vader: *visible confusion*

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:clap: Vader for the win every time!
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As if this is even up for debate.

Vader possess mastery in both lightsaber and force abilities, while Kylo has only been seen displaying one force ability, Force Stun and minimal lightsaber skill.

Vader fought padawans, younglings, and countless masters during his time as the Emperor's enforcer, while Kylo has only confronted a few at Luke's Jedi Temple.
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What a wonderful image. :D The Dark Lord of the Sith versus the Commander of the Knights of Ren. 

Old versus new. Grandfather vs. grandson. 

Skywalker versus Solo. Vader versus Ren. 

May the better villain win :XD:
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Beautiful. Just beautiful.
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Vader effortlessly stomps.
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Vader wins hands down. 
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So basically Vader is cutting Ren's hand off? Okay?
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Like grandfather, like grandson.😮
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Like grandfather, like grandson.
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Darth vader peixl icon Only by unleashing your hate will you ever become stronger!
STAR WARS 7 ICON-- Kylo Ren! I won't fail you......not again, grandfather
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Amazing!!  Sithsational to the MAX!!  Great work.
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Training session with grandpa in my opinion.
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Love it, but wouldn't Kylo's left arm be cut off? Vader's saber seems to be cutting it off.
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Darth vader aka live
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Death to Kylo Ren! Really disappointed with what J.J. Abrams did with the new Star Wars. Now if they had Steven Spielburg directing, it would've broken the box office like Zootopia!
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Proxy Program....codename Chosen Black

Kylo Ren:   I will carry on your legacy.....I will surpass you!
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