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Doodledump of Unfinishment


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Doodledump of Unfinishment


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Not-So-Smooth Sailing

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Feeler-Faced Floofs

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Accidental Elemental

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Trouble in Untopia (the one that started it all!)

Since today is the five-year anniversary of the day that 'Harahpin' was published, I decided to share something special with you all (and 'special' could be taken in multiple senses in this case xD). I can't believe that I'm doing this, but I hereby present to you 'Trouble in Untopia', the tiny short story I wrote over a decade ago in seventh grade and earliest ancestor of Harahpin itself! Despite the ACHING, GNAWING desire to edit and improve, I am giving this to you as it was originally written, nary a word fudged (okay so I maaay have added an Oxford Comma here and there but nothing else is touched, not even the tense errors xD). Get ready

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Nobody Nose


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Tra-La-Landi (commission)

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Doodledump of Unfinishment

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3d Crow with Mouse


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