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Yowler and Draggin, page 2



FINALLY, BO-BINALLY, BA-DING-DANG-DINALLY... this thing is finished. I feel like I worked on this stinking thing FOREVAR, gaaaaah. :faint: It was either Masky's triple face-from-the-side (this woman has the hardest-to-draw sideface in HISTORY), her hand/arm posing in panel 4 (I had to studiously observe my own hand holding scissors for that one), or PANEL EFFING ONE... or all the above. Just HAVE it already, guys, I'm sick of looking at it. :XD:

Good GAWD panel 1... WAY too much. :noes: I feel certain that panel alone took almost as much time as the rest of the page combined. I am SO GLAD that most of this comic takes place outdoors where I can be free of having to draw all the props, furniture and straight lines and right angles and symmetry and manmade BLAAAAAAA :iconimdedplz: (Of course that cello is going to stubbornly follow Masky outside eventually... I'm making a template for that goddamn thing and thanking the Holy-Oly Heavens for 'Copy-Paste' o_o )

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Yowler and Draggin, page 3 by SekoiyaStoryteller


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"... Hmph. Oh well, back to what I was doing with the peace and qui-"
>_> "... Somebody's going to die today."
Enjoying the comic!