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Yowler and Draggin, page 1

'Yowler and Draggin' is another story told first-person by Mask Face, in the same vein as 'Small Things', 'Death Came Knocking', and the recent 'A Watery Predicament'... but this time, I have decided to try doing it as a COMIC. :D I have ALWAYS WANTED a small graphic-novel-ish story featuring Masky (not like this, this, or this, but a real, proper STORY out of her life). Plus it'll help tone my comic-making muscles for when new Accidental Elemental is FINALLY ready for production. =P

I'm not sure how often I'll be able to update this, but hopefully it keeps going smoothly. ^^; Also, an overwhelming amount of you assured me you could read that font, so I left it as-is. The font is Masky's handwriting, by the way :D I won't use it for the whole comic, just the narration boxes. And if enough people tell me they are having a hard time reading it, I may replace it ( :saddummy: )

(That last panel... I redid that thing THREE TIMES and I'm still not sure I'm happy with it. :noes: Oh well...)

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Yowler and Draggin, page 2 by SekoiyaStoryteller


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wow...profound, and quite poetic
SekoiyaStoryteller's avatar
Aww, thanks... I'm glad you think so. :glomp:
Jedder77's avatar
"I may not have much, but at least it's quite."
"... Dang it."
SekoiyaStoryteller's avatar
Zarienai's avatar
Super excited.
SekoiyaStoryteller's avatar
YISSS excitement. :happybounce: So glad. :D
victordragon747's avatar
Heck yeah, new comic!:la: It's wonderful to make one with Masky as the protagonist and narator. I liked the peace of the all the panels, except the last one, of course. ^^ Beautiful background land scape, it gives me the feeling that her house is quite isolated.
BTW No problem with this font. :D
SekoiyaStoryteller's avatar
Yaaaaay, thank you! :la: I can't wait. Hopefully my inspiration won't take a nosedive and I'll be able to keep this one coming smoothly. ^^; You know, I'm STILL not sure I like that background at the bottom... I'm glad YOU seem to like it though. =P

And thank goodness you're not having a hard time with the font. :'D
victordragon747's avatar
You're welcome!:glomp: Yeah, let's hope for that. :D What opions did you had in mind?
Nope! ^w^
SekoiyaStoryteller's avatar
MiguelofKing's avatar
You're Welcome! :D
Mollish's avatar
Ooooooh this looks amazing so far!!
SekoiyaStoryteller's avatar
Eeeeeee, glad you think so! :la:
juju712's avatar
That's new, I'm curious to see what it'll become.
tamsinrj's avatar
Yeeeeeessss It looks epic! *squees*
SekoiyaStoryteller's avatar

(Don't tell anyone where this is going while in public, okay? xD )
tamsinrj's avatar
(I was being very careful to not even mention I knew anything about it xD)
Alicornbrodie's avatar
SekoiyaStoryteller's avatar
WOOOOOOO that reaction!! :D :D :D Your excitement makes me excited. :happybounce:
ECHOtheGECKO's avatar
I wonder what THAT was, lol.  I can't wait to see more from Mask Face and you (I absolutely love her!) :D
SekoiyaStoryteller's avatar
You mean, the loud sound? The title is a hint, haha =P And I'm so glad you're anticipating. It makes me fuzzy inside that you like Masky so well. :aww:
ECHOtheGECKO's avatar
Masky is AWESOME.  I will never retract that statement, haha!  I assume the vocalization came from a ... scaly sky-explorer. ;)
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