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Little break in the monotony from the comic pages, :XD:. This is Piper... she's an anthropomorphic dragon (if you couldn't tell) from a place which is, for now, called the Muse Isles (which may change; it's not a very good name :P). She's smaller, though, than the rest of her kind and has much bigger ears, which are significant details. And true to her name, she does have a little wooden flute, but I couldn't think where to put it in this drawing and make it look good. And as for the great big rainbowy eye behind her, that has to do with her story (which needs LOTS of improvement :XD:), but I'm not tellin' you why! ;p

Dragon-beings from the Muse Isles have a connection with the future (which to them, is OUR time; they live in a midieval fantasy Lord-of-the-Rings sort of time), and this shows in many ways. But the most evident and inspiring is the "Soulsong", which every dragon-being is born with. It's sort of like the heart songs a la Happy Feet, but is not simply romantic, but rather a guide through every challenge of life. And it is always a song from their future, our present, that goes best with a particular dragon's soul.

And that's all I'm gonna tell you for now. Oh, and look! And old picture of Spyro from this universe, which I drew just for kicks! [link] :D
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It's eye in the sky for this dragon cutie pie.