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One eye... half nose... shadowed, sunken eye sockets... sharp, snarly teeth... tiny chest... tiny hips... broad shoulders... angular bones sticking out like knives all over a wiry, wizened body... WELL. One could certainly argue that Mask Face is a smoking-hot DOLL just as she is. But alas... that's not the whole POINT, see. ;p

By far, I'm not the only one to take issue with the rampant objectification of women in the media. And having dear, sweet Masky, a totally amazing lady despite her 'imperfect' looks, clobber an embodied personification of the woman-objectifying mentality is just about the PERFECT way to vent. :la:

(And yes Inny... this is him. :D)

:star: This comic continues! Here's part two: sekoiyastoryteller.deviantart.… :star: :happybounce:
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This reminds me of so many MMO's I find online....they seem cool, and then I click the female character....and get luckly if they even have ARMOR on. Usually it's...scraps of cloth barely covering their bewbs and...lower anatomical parts. (or skirts. Skirts are slightly better, but still a NO when you're supposed to be a freaking WARRIOR.) I get that MOST people whp play those things are guys, but I find it EXTREMELY offensive when I come across those things.

One of the reasons why I like Skyrim. My woman can be DESCENT.
Or I can streak a random town. XD Whichever I feel like doing.