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Huge-ass picture is huge-ass! :noes: ANYway! :XD: For a relatively simple-looking comic, this took a LONG FRICKING TIME! O_O; Sometimes, you know, you get ideas, you just GET THEM, and you HAVE to draw them, and THIS was one of those times. :la:

Again, while Mask Face is conduit'd through my own brain, Twist comes to you through that of ~FALCONorthern, so no brain-maternity claimed there on my part. =P I can just HEAR Twisty's voice in this, though, with or without her brainmother's help:



(PS, I see that I have some messages, and all that, and I shall get back to you all, but for now I must walk away from the computer! I will return! ;p)
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hmmm.. you know a few days ago I tried to do a little sketch of the current DW but it turned out looking feminine... however I was sure I recognized who it was, but just now I've realized who it was... masky! except without the deformed face O_o she's quite pretty really =P lol

(lol it's probably not her, it's just that suddenly jumped into my mind and I just HAD to type it, ya know? lolz)