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Harahpin mini-comic 1/2



Euron: "Ah, finally! It's about time... that Sekoiya tried putting us in some kind of comic!!"

Oh, this was fun. OH, I had fun. :D Off-task, perhaps, but I am determined to enjoy my one week of summer vacation before plunging back into hardcore school. :XD:

Continued here!

So this arose when I decided to try writing an alternate version to a certain scene near the end of Chapter 7 in Harahpin... you can see this revision here if you like:
Harahpin alternate scene: first riverThe river was even farther than it looked... it took at least an hour to reach it on foot. The furious crimson of the sunrise was beginning to fade as the sun climbed higher, and behind the red sky it began to cast more of a pale orange tint on everything. It was taking so long to reach the river that Eyrco began to wonder whether it was really there... yesterday she’d thought she’d seen water in the distance several times, only to find every time that it was heat waves playing tricks. But this river was real, as they discovered when it finally shimmered only a short distance away.
    “Ah, finally!” Euron panted with heavy exasperation. “It’s about time. As for myself, I hope that water’s colder than ice.”
    He started toward it again. As he walked, Eyrco froze. She just stared at the river, and her neck-hairs prickled and stood on end. The reason was unclear, but she felt something ominous about this rive

As I've said before, if there was one thing I could change about the Torian Tri Point it would be taking some of the bloooood out of Untoria. I would go more for subtle psychological horror than straight-up gore. The damn rivers and sea would be the first thing to change... there are so many neat ways one could do "creepy water" without... you know. :XD:

But then I had this idea of how to re-write the above scene... and oh my gosh I wish I had written it like this in the actual book!!! Just the way that the characters REACT to the river in the alternate seems to make it SOOO much creepier and more subtle, without changing anything else! :faint: WHY DIDN'T I, AAAAAH.

...Anyway. :XD: Then, just for fun, I decided to try doing the scene as a comic. Everything is pretty sketchy and quick on this page; it wasn't meant to be a lengthy project. It would probably need another page of this size, at least, to get to the end of the scene, and goodness knows, I had so much fun with this one, I might just find a way to do that. =P

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Here's the whole Harahpin, ta-ta-ta-taaaa!!

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I love the book :meow: love how you surround the mini-comics around it X3