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Assorted Cartoony Dragons



I just experienced a surge of inspiration and subsequent wave of concept art. :XD: I'm going to be vague about these guys for now, save to say that the orange one at the top is one of my oldest characters ever (I met him when I was no older than 9), and this isn't the only incarnation of him (or his) that will ever appear in my stories in general. ;p And also, these guys have nothing to do with Spyro... not directly, at least. I'll leave it at that for now... enjoy their cute cartoony-ness. =P


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I know you said these guys don't have elements, but if they did I think the top guy would be fire, the bottom would be ice, the green guy could be earth or nature/plant, and the second guy could be water or shadow.

Overall these have lovely designs. They're all unique and fancy.