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Last post was around Christmas, errrr. Well actually, I kinda moved onto other things than Deviantart. I use twitter a lot (here's my twitter : ) and I opened a blog thanks to tumblr some weeks ago : . Then you also have my flickr that i try to update every moment I can. But if you follow me on twitter (and I'd be glad to meet you guys there!) you can pretty much know what I do, what I like, etc... so it's really cool. :-)

More general news: lots of things happened since Christmas. I've lots of projects, worked on Delicious Library iPhone with the amazing Mischa McLachlan (who is going to work for Apple btw, congrats my friend!) and I met a girl a month from now and we're having lots of fun... and that keeps me away from my computer more often than ever hahaha.

I'm trying to learn 3D with Cinema4D, bought books and dvd so I'll try to make big icons with this amazing tool. I'm just a bit busy with work and life right now (I think this is really cool) and I can now say I'm pretty much happy about my life. :)

So well, if you want more updates: follow me on twitter or check out my blog. :)

Until next journal entry... lulz! :D
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Hey man, I sent you a request on Twitter! I'm "NetOp Wibby".
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Glad to hear that everything is going so well for you, Oli. You are one of the best artists out there and you deserve the success. :)

Slightly off topic, I know you have used both Modo and C4D but what one would you say is best? I have Modo and a lot of tutorial videos but I haven't got round to watching any yet, haha. I did use C4D a while ago but I was a total n00b so didn't use it. :P
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I think C4D is the best honestly. Though Modo has some nice things ( as you can play with the polygons anytime you want). :-)
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oups j'ai du appuyer sur une touche sans faire exprès.

je disais que je ne savais pas pour ton blog, je vais t'ajouter aux blogs que je suis, et puis twitter c'est déjà fait.
Vaut mieux passer du temps avec ses proches qu'ici donc on comprend!
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