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Yet Another Teaser

Hope you are because I'm ready to tease you once again !

(This is only a preview, no icons at the moment...)
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Your work is so detailed and clean...even Fresh!  It's like a breath of Fresh Air.  I love it!
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i came across this randomly..wondering if you've finished the set..

excellent job btw~
Just found your first set and really appreciate it. Any updates on these?
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I loved your previous set, but these are simply amazing!
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one year later...

will this fine iconset downloadable in the future or only a concept.
Sekkyumu's avatar
Nope. Something better will come in the next few weeks/months ;).
Echilon's avatar
Please release them! Your first set was great. These look even better!
lordtinuviel's avatar
great set

anychance u have SVG of all of them? thkz
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Nice, but please, add the basic icons in there too. I downloaded the first pack and to my surprise, there were no icons for things like Save, Copy, Paste, Print.. etc. I hope you add them in this pack! Again, nice work.
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Yummy, can't wait! :hungry:
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love all your icons
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The glow on the plain red icon seems a bit... sharp? Off? No idea...

Rad otherwise!
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Hum you could be right indeed.

There will be some changes though... ;)
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*Nod* Looking forward to it.

Considered making a 'add-on/over' theme for spec themes?
Sekkyumu's avatar
Ah I dunno !

I also don't know if i'll have the time too. Really busy with school and clients works... :/
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I know what you mean: I haven't had a chance to work on Bauhaus or the Rockbox multimedia-player icons for several weeks now. I've started though – just create the folder structure ({$size}/{$category}/{$icon-name}.{$filename}) and whenever you finish an icon stick it in it's correct location and yea... it all adds up. :)

See [link]

Keep bending beziers dude.
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Yup ! Guess I just need some time :)
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Bravo Olivier ! ;)

Par contre , tu as du oublier un mot dans ta premiére phrase, car je ne comprend pas trop le sens (Hope you are.... ??) :p
Sekkyumu's avatar
Merci !

Par rapport à la phrase j'ai ptet oublié une virgule ou le "I" que je n'ai pas mis en début de phrase t'as ptet troublé... ou alors je suis naze :p .

En gros je dis : J'espère que vous l'êtes [prêt] parce que moi je suis prêt à vous "teaser" encore une fois !" :)
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Hahaha, là je comprend mieux ! ;)
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Looks really nice so far. If I made apps, I'd use your icons. If that means anything to you. :P
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Well that's why I'm making them ;)

Thanks a lot ^^
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