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Original MINIUM° by Sascha Höhne.

Personnal Project - Not For Release.
I don't think I'll ask permission anyway.

Don't try to find or ask for a download link there because there's not. :)
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you did so great job... and just for personal use? :(
it's a pity...
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very impressive!
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And you're not releasing it? Crazy. =P
Very nice. I hear Sascha may be revisiting the Minium serries (and, for gods sake i hope the Cailbi theme is developed, finally), and from the looks of his website somethings in the works.

But who knows, he's been AFK for years dude, give it a few months, but frankly ebcause of how beautiful these icons are, it might be worth asking him if you cn distribute them in the future (if he's not planning a revisit of course).

Like so much of Sashas work, it would be a real shame if we never saw it released, instead it just dangles slightly out of reach to torment us. Give it a few months as i saw, before you ask, but you're the only person i've seen with the talent to do Saschas work justice.
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very sleek, I like them.
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Je les veux :D
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Great icons, hope you'll release them someday
J'ai envie de te faire l'amour Olivier
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I don't get this !!
Are u just showing of ?? with icons you not even made.We never used to do like that before, and i am amazed that "S" are falling for this.
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Yup you don't get it . :)

Like I said icons are originally made by Sascha Höhne. I recreated them in 512x512 and my version is not meant to be released. It's a show off like you said.

Instead of criticize, learn how to read because I explained it in the preview. ;)
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Ok could not remember that post. Must have made it a late night.Ok so you took some icons already made !! and made them larger. I just don't get it !!
Why write don't try to find them and/or write me. Why post them at all then. If you did not post nobody would ask you for them lol. Dont take it so hard. Its just the whole culture has changed in here.
You can do as you like but that's why peeps not using DA that much these days. And they where god icons, so if you have a mac i am glad you made a huge set of icons.
Have a nice day m8 GFXman
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Le passage en 512 est très réussi! Dommage que ce soit NFR.
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It looks amazing. Too bad it's NFR.
Meh... Sod him... I'll post the original set somewhere...
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I kind of agree with Lokheed...awesome work, too bad they're nfr :p :)
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It looks wonderful, but if you aren't going to offer it to the community (ever), then why post it? We all know you are talented.

So what's your motivation for putting this up here?

I just never see the point when themers do this. This is the equivalent of a painter showing you his latest masterpiece, in a room without light.

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i loved the set.. :)
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Well done, great job.
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Now you made us wanting this :D
great stuff :D
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ooh, the prespective is beautiful. have fun with the project!
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C'est très bau, j'aime bien la perspective!
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