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Leopard LoginScreen

Read the readme.rtf file to install.

Wallpaper not included.

I forgot the drop shadow on the window (yeah I know I suck :lol: ), so don't ask me how to remove it... ;)
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Nice work, Thank you!
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:( après avoir change ce screen je n'ai plus rien qui s'affiche??
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comment remplacer login screen?? merci
@ ~theprophet09: it should, i'm gonna try this
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Does it works with Snow Leopard?
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Superbe! Merci. :)

:star: Featured on iconpaper [link]
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yes, where can I get the wallpaper? :)
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thanks, I'm using the buttons but not the background. I like these buttons much better, with that sandblasted/iTunes look to them.

Hopefully Apple with make a change very similar to this and eliminate the old Aqua scroll bar with their release of Snow Leopard and its new "Marble" UI

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can I ask for wallpaper link? :)
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i've just tried to get this working on my mac, however i no longer get the login screen now, all i get is a blank blue screen, and fast user switching is no longer working, any suggestions?
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Are you sure you didn't erase any other files besides the .tiff in the folder ?

That's the first time I get this kind of report and replacing some .tiff shouldn't be that dangerous. ;)
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Isn't it dangerous to do so?
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Alright. I tested it out by replacing only two buttons and it went fine. Whew. I was scared because this is my very first Mac.

Any chance you could make the same apple icon in a menubar size but smaller than the default and putting it into sARTfile.bin?
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No sorry I'm not into theming. Besides, the current Apple in the menubar is fine ;)
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That's totally fine. I did find a SArtFile to replace. :)

However, could you do the same apple icon for the one used in About this Mac window?
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nice apple-logo & login-button.
=) thank you share!
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Love this firstly, but I'm having a problem. I replaced my files and restarted. The log in window looks exactly the same as it did before. I checked the folder again, but the replaced files are definitely there. What's the deal?
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Hi this is a known issue, though nobody's found a solution yet. Sorry :/
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Oh, alright. Well I check back to see if the problem is ever solved. Thanks.
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too bad I can't use this great mod, got the same stupid problem when the files are properly replaced (delete + copy) but it doesn't make any difference...
maybe some cache file is responsible, I don't know...
Did replacing that corrupt your system? cause my friend tried once and he couldn't boot anymore lol
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