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Flow Toolbar Replacements

Flow is out. Go buy this amazing software and support indie developers : [link]

Since the original toolbar icons were not my tastes, I decided to do them a little facelift.
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Unless you guys know, Brian is using this icon set in the new release! Good job!
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Sympa ces petites icônes ;)
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yes this is fantastic work! - being featured on jackrebel dot com! :)
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Gorgeous work lovely :D :+fav:
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Thanks for this nice, i was use this on my imac :)

Featured on [link]
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really nice theme :clap:
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Dude these are really slick! Flow is an amazing piece of software... these make it sooo much better! thanks for sharing! :)
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really nice! u are fast :)

buy a FTP client for 30$ having Transmit(18$) and CyberDuck(free) ?
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Flow has been in development for a year. Buying it was the least thing I could do to support Brian Amerige. :)

And to tell you, it's faster than Transmit and Cyberduck. :)
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i will give it a chance! :P
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hell yes? why not? that's like people paying for iWork and Microsoft Office when there's OpenOffice ... just a matter of preference. :) anyhoo, this is actually kind of creepy b/c i was just reading the blog of the guy who made the Flow icon. very talented icon artist.
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yes, Sebastiaan de with did a very good job with the icon ;p
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Great work bro! Btw, if that background is your, maybe you should release it as a wall pack. ;)
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Hehe thanks.

No the background isn't from me. It was the teaser on the website.
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WOW. You already made a GUI mod. Great job mate.
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Thanks !

Yeah I just love this application, needed to make a facelift since the default icons weren't that great on Leopard.
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