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February 2008

February 2008 screenshots.

- Perforated wallpaper by AceRoy [Contrast MOD by me] | Original : [link]
- Cats 3 Icons by Susumu Yoshida
- Finder Background ideas by nomac.nolife
- Work In Progress Document Icon in Preview [Salsa Icons - by me]

That's all I guess... :)
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x986123's avatar
Nice!! what dock is that??
pedroL's avatar
Looking forward to "Salsa icons", Sekkyumu ! ;)
Kevros-Shieldheart's avatar
Hey man Awsome Shot!!
Can you share with the deviantART comunity how you made that on finder window??
Sekkyumu's avatar
It's just a background in the window. Cmd + J will show you a window where you can change the background colour,etc... :)
eythandamico's avatar
I believe I owe you the thanks for the house background as well, thank you!
AditiKumbhat's avatar
quel msgnr est-il que tu as?
eythandamico's avatar
I'm curious as to what that applications tab on the right hand side of your screen is :thumb76286151: haha
Raindropmemory's avatar
I wish I could get those icon...

How can you do that on Finder? (The house background & finder without sidebar) It's super!!
terfone313's avatar
Dope Shot And Wall
What Dock IS That?
koshic's avatar
Nice! May I ask what's that thing on the right that says "Applications"?
bodysoulspirit's avatar
Cant wait for the relesase of the icon:)
liviopl's avatar
Your Leo is one big piece of... (guess what :> ) ART :) !

The wallaper, the dock, the HOME folder (Nautilus actually has same posibilities).
scorpion919's avatar
what's the name of the app with the racing car icon?
Sekkyumu's avatar
It's called Dragster. Allows you to drag files to iDisk / Remote server / eMail and Local Drives quickly :)
scorpion919's avatar
fyton5's avatar
awesome! nice new icon 2 ;)
Sekkyumu's avatar
Thanks a lot ;)
alabanco's avatar
Nice. What's the alarm clock for ?
Sekkyumu's avatar
It's called Awaken. Nice little application. :)
Ridikul's avatar
I see myself in your contacts list. ;)

Nice desk.
Sekkyumu's avatar
Ahaha thanks ;)
Benjigarner's avatar
Sympa ce desk ;)
Pour ton WIP de document tu devrais déformer le quadrillage là ou ton document est plié en bas ;)
Sekkyumu's avatar
Ouaip en effet, je dois aussi corriger le coin en haut à droite. :)
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