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Resistance: Vol I, Chapter 3
Volume 1, Chapter 3:
Civilian Shuttle, Near Tartarus Orbit
"We're almost at the rendezvous point," commented Daniel Carter, who was piloting the shuttle. That was a relief for Marcus Kane, who had only recently been rescued from his execution. Since he had a new lease of life, he at least wanted to be able to stretch his legs before the next inevitable assassination attempt.
"Rendezvous with what exactly?" Kane asked. It sounded like this still wasn't the end of their journey.
"The Valkyrie," answered Alan Wade, who until now had been sleeping at the back of the shuttle. "It's a mining vessel that, officially at least, does a route between the mining facilities at Tartarus and the nearby asteroid fields. The Resistance uses it to covertly transport people to and from Valhalla station. Only a handful of people actually know its location – I'm not one of them," he added sarcastically.
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Resistance: Vol. 1, Chapter 2
TDF Zeus, Athenia Orbit
"I'm sorry sir, they jumped just before the missile hit," reported the lieutenant. Grand Admiral Alex McCarthy pounded the table in anger.
"This is the greatest embarrassment in the fleet's history!" he roared, "and it took place under our noses!" My nose, he thought. It was bad enough that a senior fleet officer could commit such treason. It was worse still that he could be rescued given the extensive security on the ground. But in orbit was his flagship, the Zeus. A newly-commissioned super-dreadnought, the only one of its kind. It was a symbol of strength and leadership for the fleet, and already it had a black mark in its history. The battleship Typhon was also present, but had also failed to prevent Kane's escape.
For the rebels to escape his clutch – It was a huge personal embarrassment, let alone a coup for the so-called Resistance.
"Work out where they were headed. The death of Marcus Kane is our number one priority. His liberation cou
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Resistance: Vol. 1, Chapter 1
TDF Pegasus - One Week Ago
The CIC was virtually silent. Only the ambient sounds from the various control consoles permeated the air. The two dozen or so people in the Combat Information Centre were all silent and motionless. All eyes were fixed on me, and I could feel the weight of their stares. Some wore shocked faces, others displayed contempt. A few were somewhat neutral.
I turned to face my XO again.
“Colonel Fox?” I prompted. She swallowed before opening her mouth to speak. Her voiced stuttered to begin with, but still carried that tone of authority you expect from a senior officer.
“Commander Kane. For refusing to carry out a direct order from a superior officer, Admiral Hayes has ordered you to stand down. I hereby relieve you of command with immediate effect.” She took a step towards me before continuing.
“I’ll need your rank insignia,” she said, stretching out her hand. I reluctantly removed the symbols of my rank and handed them over
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