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by tonee89

I think the mace fits well with her design (both visually and thematically). Aside from swords, knights also used maces. And like sword...





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At a young age, I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome which is part of the autism spectrum. Because of it, I have a short attention span, which usually prevents me from reading or writing long stories. Haikus are a plus for me because they are short, but it helps me figure out how to get my point across quickly (I tend to overexplain things). Over the years, I have grown to become an open-minded individual, seeing the world in multiple shades of gray.

I feel like I’m getting slow with my poetry. Should I try to work on at least one poem per week? 

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Image result for Cordyceps
As the emmets die
Something sprouts from their corpses 
'Tis a ghastly dust

Such a gruesome happening
Just one of many curses

Though a grisly doom
These curses serve a fair role
Leveling powers

They maintain an even slate
Like a sword with two edges

Illimitable Dominion Over All

This poem was inspired by a video I saw of the Cordyceps fungi (…). The fungus can infect ants and turn them into a zombie-like state. When the ant dies, the parasite sprouts from their bodies to spread its spores. However, watching the video helped me see the fungus in a different light: it insures no species (wither it be ants or another type of insect) overwhelm the ecosystem. Like nature’s answer to population control.


Fun Fact: The title of this poem is from Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, The Masque of the Red Death. It reminds me that ants, like humans, are not entirely invincible. They can succumb to infection, regardless of their status on the food chain. 

Ever since opening my PayPal account, I’ve been able to purchase all sorts or nice artwork. While most are in my Favorites gallery, not all of them are in there. I'm assuming the artists (for various reasons) forgot to post them into their gallery. Other reasons is because I'm planning to use them as profile pictures, but haven't worked on the profile yet. Instead, I’ll just show you while giving them credit for it. My only request is that you share these images with the rest of the dA community. 

This is Bomber Claw from the Cutie Honey anime, by DanielleXGrimson
Bomber Claw by SekayiJette
This is Tsunade and Mei Terumi from Naruto, by KahoOkashii. This origin of this was inspired by Sexy: Girl on Girl Technique
Tsunade Comm By Kahookashii-dbxheeu by SekayiJette
This is an image of one of my OCs by Pattikou. I haven't finished doing her character bio, that's why I'm putting her here.
Commission   Akkusuraikan Revised By Pattiko-dbsih by SekayiJette
Here is another OC of mine, done by Wiskiez. She's supposed to be a dolphin-like mermaid made of water. 
Akkusuraikan By Wiskiez-dc3t282 by SekayiJette
The OC below has armor made entirely of ice, done by Ankonox.
Ice Armor By Ankonox-dceh4v4 by SekayiJette
Here is an OC of mine, done by YayaChann.
Akkusu Raikan Comm1 By Yayachann-dckesm5 by SekayiJette
Here are some commissions from Pattikou.
Sailor Pluto V2 By Pattikou-dck8y70 by SekayiJette

Negal V2 By Pattikou-dck8y7u by SekayiJette

Viluy V2 By Pattikou-dck8y6n by SekayiJette

Rini Redesign V3 By Pattikou-dcklgzq by SekayiJette


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