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The Corrupted Dream [+speedpaint]



Hello everyone! ´v`
I got this idea of a corrupted dream catcher while cleaning my room and dusting of my dream catcher which is hanging above my bed.
Lately I have bad sleeping habits due to nightmares which are haunting me not only at night but keep me occupied at day too.
So I started to avoid sleeping which isn't healthy at all.

Most of my dreams contain murders and deformed looking creatures trying to get me or my friends, family whatsoever.
I try to figure out what my subconscious is telling me but in the end its just pure nonsense combined with all my fears.
Still, sometimes I feel like I am not alone in my head which can get pretty terrifying. 
When I notice I am dreaming I mostly can not wake up from it, its like I am being forced to watch this personal movie all night long. 
I am a prisoner of my own mind.

that's being said I hope you like the drawing and as always critique is very much welcome 

▽ Time Lapse ▽…

Artwork belongs to Sekares-Arisawa / Sophie Barone

You may not use my work without my written permission. 
Please do not:
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Thank you.
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