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You'll Find Out!

By SeizureDemon
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"You’ll Find Out" from 1940. Its a silly movie but the only movie you will ever see with the 3 most famous horror men together; Bela Lugosi, Peter Lorre and Boris Karloff.
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too funny! that looks like a movie poster.  I have never seen the film, but someday I will. I also want to see mad love with Peter Lorre.  good job!
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SeizureDemonProfessional Filmographer
Watch Mad Love, thats a good one. This one is a stinker.
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LizzyChromeHobbyist General Artist
I just saw this fabulous movie recently! 

I loved Peter's entrance so much I made a gif out of it. 

I'm  Honored by LizzyChrome

I love that you included his long cigarette in this picture. The entire thing is fantastic though. Your talent and skill are amazing, and you captured Lorre, Karlof and Legusi perfectly! 
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This is a comment about the old time movie caricatures you create, not just this one! I enjoy your work, you are truly gifted at what you do!!
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Rocky-OProfessional Digital Artist
Woa, this is digital? Nice brushes/textures!!!
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NibbleKatHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hnnnghghghghhgh. Peter Lorre. *hugs him* Aauugh, I love your style. And I love that you love the old Horror Heads.
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WilliamPennyProfessional General Artist
awesome work/composition
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JolyonYatesProfessional Filmographer
Great picture and a fun movie. Lord knows Lugosi's been in worse.
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SeizureDemonProfessional Filmographer
Amen to that, brotha!
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koanodanProfessional General Artist
i LOVE the composition and restricted palette of this!
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Crimson-WerecatHobbyist General Artist
awesome combo of stars, and an awesome as hell rendition!!!!
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CLXcoolHobbyist Traditional Artist
Three great actors in one movie. And you captured them perfectly.
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This is fantastic.
It's amazing how sometimes the stars align and you get some of the most amazing actors into a movie, and the movie itself is rubbish.
Did you ever see House of the Long Shadows? Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, and John Carradine all in one movie, and somehow the flick is just unwatchable. Not even fun bad.
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AzadethHobbyist General Artist
Great caricature work - all three of these actors are instantly recognizable.

I really miss Peter Lorre.
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NMartinezProfessional Filmographer
The Peter Lorre caricature's fantastic.
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XD Haha, lookin at this pic, I feel forced to read "You'll Find Out" in Peter Lorre's voice. 
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The three greats. You nailed them and exaggerated them perfectly. I love this picture.
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