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The Misfits

By SeizureDemon
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Always been one of my favorite bands. The classic 1983 line up: Jerry Only, Danzig, Doyle, ROBO.

I aslo did a special Halloween version!

Misfits Halloween by SeizureDemon
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AllHallowsGhoulHobbyist Traditional Artist
Love this.

"Dead cats hanging from holes! Little dead are out groves! I remember Halloween!"
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ArealsketchHobbyist General Artist
Doyle's face is amazing!, a great work...
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Oi-ChibiHobbyist Artist
Looks great!! ^.^
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000thatslife000Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is perfect, great Job dude!
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Thanks for this
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after-the-funeralStudent Traditional Artist
I'm going to see them in a few weeks and when I do I'm going to give Jerry the biggest, warmest, most fiendish hug ever.
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SeizureDemonProfessional Filmographer
Its a fun show! Hope you dig it! Make sure he doesn't crush you with his Jersey massiveness!
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Hell yes. I still rock out to their music constantly. Live this piece. Kind a wish it was on a shirt.
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Dude! I love this!!!
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koanodanProfessional General Artist
YESSSSSS. excellent work, zack! this rules!! doyle is PERFECT.
one time, i went to see the misfits, around 2005. jerry only was freaking massive and they put on a really good show. when it was over, i went up to the front and had jerry sign my ticket. i smiled really big and probably sounded like an idiot, and as i walked away, jerry only scruffled the back of my head like a baseball star does to his biggest fan. i looked back, starry eyed, and giggled nervously, practically skipping out of the concert.
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SeizureDemonProfessional Filmographer
Hahaha awesome story! I like Jerry Only as a person and a bassist but not as a singer. I saw them a while back too, maybe 2007 and yea even though Jerry was singing it was still a fantastic show! Great energy. Have you ever seen Danzig live? Doyle tours with him now and comes out at the end of his show and they do a set of 4 Misfits songs. Its pretty awesome.
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koanodanProfessional General Artist
yeah, jerry's singing definitely isn't that great, but i couldn't help but have a good time. i haven't seen danzig live! the biggest reason i'd want to is to see him and doyle play misfits songs. it's the closest we'll ever get to the real thing. i really really wish i could see em. they're gonna be in louisville on the 24th, but i have to work. :C
what reference pictures did you use for this, by the way? i'm working on my own misfits drawing and google images isn't really producing anything too good.
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SeizureDemonProfessional Filmographer
DITCH WORK! Its an amazing show. Doyle's new band is pretty good too, he's got Dr. Chud on drums.

I've been using this blog for reference:

They post everything Misfits from the original line up to the Graves era and to the present day line up. I just had to pay attention to the subtle differences in Jerry and Doyle from the 90's incarnation. Can't wait to see yours!!!! :]
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koanodanProfessional General Artist
i didn't ditch work, unfortunately... but that blog is AWESOME. so full of misfits picture treasures. thanks a bunch for sharing!! my idea never got past a doodle, but soon... soon...
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SeizureDemonProfessional Filmographer
Doooo iiiitttt!!!!! :]
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Crimson-WerecatHobbyist General Artist
amazing versions of one of the last decent line ups of a once killer classic band!!!! Awesome!
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youesplode86Professional Traditional Artist
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Fergus1122Student Traditional Artist
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Haa, very nice in your style.
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gmgartsProfessional Traditional Artist
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CLXcoolHobbyist Traditional Artist
cool take on them. 
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