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Come check out this year's competition here at the :icontheoc-pageantofda:

It's a very friendly competition in which you submit original drawings of your original character, tailored to themes set by the hostess. There were a lot of participants last year and the challenges encouraged me to stretch my skills. I anticipate taking part again this time...but the deadline to submit your character(s) is February 8. Come check it out!
Yanked from :iconoly-rrr: This is a journal for people who like featuring their OCs, but also people who like character interactions. 

Choose your favourite OC from your gallery and I'll choose an OC from my gallery that could most likely be your character's "friend"or "enemy". I will tell you why I believe it's a good match and - as an added bonus - I will also tell you how I think the two of them would react on their first encounter of each other. 

1. Pick one of your favourite OCs from your own gallery
2. Write a brief description of their personality in the comments below (1-3 sentences) You can also link pictures
3. Tell me whether you'd like me to find your OC's "friend" or "enemy".
Harry Potter
Harry is a talented, teenage wizard who cherishes friendship above all other values. He's courageous in times of danger and caring in times of sorrow. One of his favourite pastimes is playing a good match of Quidditch. 
(I choose enemy)
4. Start your own "OC Meme: Friend, Enemy or Lover" journal. 
Wishing a most fantastic Christmas to everyone and peaceful and prosperous New Year.
Signal boosting here for a long-time friend who has started a Kickstarter campaign for a furry science fiction RPG, right over here:…

He's a great writer, and excellent RPer, and is also a very good artist and his RPG book features both, along with a solid rules set.

Go check it out!
A friend got the tickets today, so I will be going on Saturday, March 31st! Very much looking forward to it, it's been years since I've last been there. Anybody else here going?
I got hit with this by :iconximonr: cause its part of the freesketch deal, so i have to post this.

So i'm giving away 10 free sketches to the first 10 people to request on this journal. Can be anything within reason.

The Rules:

• Only one character per requestee.
• You MUST repost this offer in your journal if you get accepted for a request.
• References for original characters please, and detailed info.
• Fanart allowed, as long as I know what you're talking about! (To be safe, post a ref, or give me a website about it or something.)

Remember to post this in your journal! It's a great way to get some practice, and to do something new. And to give back to everyone else!

Greetings to everyone who stops by to visit my gallery! A big reason why I joined up with DeviantArt is because I am looking for feedback for the pictures that I post. I believe that I do have some degree of talent otherwise I wouldn't bother trying, but it is a very blunt and clumsy talent at this point, and I'm not very happy with the results so far. I want to get better, whether its in matters of anatomy, inking, or coloring. I think I can do a lot better than what I've been doing and I would very greatly appreciate any critiques of what I've done already and suggestions on how I can be better.

It's not like I expect to ever make much money off of what I'm's just a hobby for me....but I want to do that hobby the best honor that I can by sharpening my skills so I can go from a so-so doodler to somebody who can really catch a viewer's a good way of course.

So please, be honest, be ruthless, I'm no drama queen and while I am apprehensive about  criticism I will gratefully accept any that I can get.

Thank you all for your time.