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-Real Ghostbusters Face Off-

FINALLLLYYY!!! I have finished this piece hahahah :laughing: though I feel kind of sad now, because I have nothing to work on...well for like a day or so until I draw another thing lol

So here is the face off between the Real Ghostbusters team against their anti-selves. From one of the best episodes of the series, Citizen Ghost.

I started out with more a cell shaded look but then got a bit carried away :laughing: Changed a few things here and there added more light/shadow. I would add more shadow but I think i'll just leave it how it is hahah

I blame the stairs for the long delay of this piece. Stupid perspective crap! :shakefish:

Yay for The Real Ghostbusters~ :meow: :star: I really look forward to their figures coming from Mattel~ They deserve some detailed figures~ :nod:

Characters © The Real Ghostbusters
Artwork © *SeishinKibou
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Apr 11, 2009, 7:06:45 PM
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this was a great episode good work
ConceptScion's avatar
Citizen Ghost was an awesome episode! Great pic depicting that scene! Though I'll still remember the quote after the Spectral 'Busters have their energy reduced to nigh-harmless, "Say goodnight, fellas. 'Cause the Real Ghostbusters are here to stay!"
Connan-Bell's avatar
Wait, horn-rim glasses? This is from when this show was good! Woo! 
gamera68's avatar
Nicely done. A classic scene from Season 1, episode 11 "Citizen Ghost". :iconghostbustersplz:
DarknessAndMadness's avatar
"FINALLLLYYY!!!" That means Zim and something like that "My biusnes is done!"
gibbs615's avatar
Hey i remember this episode!
TheFutureThePast's avatar
love the Egon and Janine scene... but she wasn't that scared in that episode. The Janine from seasons 1 and 2 was pretty tough and fearless. Here she looks like someone from an annoying anime series...
It may have been difficult to draw but I have to say it was worth the effort. Great job.
DrPeteVenkman's avatar
I remember this scene! They were deliberating on who they could afford to lose. Then Slimer bravely takes it upon himself to challenge the entities! :D well captured.
jaxhunin's avatar
face off? more like a face down, the guys are pinned, unarmed and out of luck. lol
very well done man this is incredible :)
Phenometron's avatar
Very true to the '80s cartoon style.
autobotgirl12328's avatar
This was the first episode i'd ever seen. Seeing this picture just made me beyond happy! :D
the-sashimi-frog's avatar
Just thought I'd let you know, I set this picture as my desktop wallpaper. That's how cool I think it is.
SeishinKibou's avatar
heheh thats okie :)
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I saw that episode on the DVD. It's funny!
twofacetoo's avatar
Janine looks like she's saying 'No, I ain't gonna let go, till you get me that ring you PROMISED ME!!!'
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