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Yesterday I received a message that one of the users that requested an art from me, is pretty often harrasing artists to make them draw an ilustrated novel of their fanfiction. They will ask you if you're taking request and then invite you to join their "project" and draw NSFW art for free. I blocked them before it would happen, but many users claim that they don't accept "no" as an answer and they will harras you until they'll receive what they want.

Their username is ArtsLobo and supposedly they have more than one account.

More information is here: CrimsonColt7 Harrasment Warning

So kitties, watch out for this person. Watch out for such people in general. If someone'll ask you for art, check their username in google first or something.

To the person that warned me about them, thank you. I'd put your username here, but I don't want you to get in trouble if anything happens.