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Vengence in the Moonlight by seiryumiko Vengence in the Moonlight by seiryumiko
SLIGHT NUDITY (everything's covered)
Another picture for my story Remember Me (can also be found on [link] ) which has become a chapter story rather than the little bit I wrote earlier. Again, the character is the Greek Goddess of Vengence, a goddess who was only seen by her victims so she has no face in this picture. I think I might actually draw a face later but that won't be in this pic. This was redone so tell me which you like better.

Remember Me (c) me
Nemesis herself (c) the greeks (?)
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Killer-Queen Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2004
Vector piece means drawing the stuff with vectors, and you know what that is, right? So, take your Corel DRAW! if you have it, Bezier curve tool (or Node Tool as called in DRAW! if I remember) and voila! It's pretty darn tough though to draw this way, but the result can be veeeeeeeeery cool! If you can remember the pic from Corel DRAW! 8.0 box, it's Sophia Loren drawn entirely with vector curves. 2 months worth job, but it won the contest!

Now, to the pics. I'll comment on one pic rather than leave the same on every one of them. You did some awesome job here, and you know I'll always support your work. so, keep going like this. You'll eventually end up somewhere, writing great SF books or something :)

BTW, I forgot to mention this before - I am currently reading a book called The Dragonbone Chair by Tad Williams (in Croatian of course) and it's great! I just wanted to ask you if you read it before and how did you like it. If you haven't read it before, I strongly recommend you to do so while on next holiday. The book is around 730 pages long, and is the first part of the great trilogy counting 3000 pages in total! That outnumbers even LOTR!

Well I suppose this is a long comment indeed, so I'll close it now. Toodles and hear you soon!
seiryumiko Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2004
the only vectors I know of are from math class *shudder* and I don't actually use Corel DRAW, I do use Adobe Photoshop though...I guess I'll look into that program to see what I can do with this pic since its more popular than the others (and looking back I like its contrast to the 'replacement' pic)

As for the book, 3000pages?! My family hated it when I was reading HPOotP because they never saw except at meal times (and that was behind the book cover), boy I wonder how they would react to a SERIES of books that are that long, hehehe anyway, gotta run, THANK YOU!!!
swornvengeance Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2004
very simple sketch this is , but i like it , you didn't add to much detail , but it still shows the character style and you should try to color this piece or add some more setail or even maybe do a vector piece for this sketch , but it also looks good how it already is , keep up the good work
seiryumiko Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2004
THANK YOU!!! Did you know this was only up for 2 minutes before you commented?! I think thats only happened once before! I'm glad you like it, really glad. Question though, what's a vector piece? I don't usually color my pics cause I like the dramatic effect of black and white (and I think when I color it screws it up). Oh, I put up another version of the same pic [link] well, thank you again, you've made me very happy ^_^
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March 30, 2004
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