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"For more than over 2,000 years the Soul Society has been the parallel Gateway of the Afterlife and the Human world for Spirits of all kinds that have passed. Shinigami that live just within the Seireitei that is the center of the Soul Society, uphold many laws to keep the balance between both worlds. Not only do they tend to keep balance but are guardians of the souls who are going through the circle of transmigration. They purify Hollows who do evil in the World of the Living and ensure the safe crossing of souls - the Souls who have lost their way after death - by giving them a soul burial. But there is something more evil than just the hollows themselves lurking around, and it is the Shinigami’s job to figure out this ominous event that is ready to occur. "


"Remember this well. There are two types of fights. The fight to protect life and the fight to protect pride."


[ Set in a separate universe but still based around Bleach. ]

PG-16 | Action based | Possible Character Death







✺ 8/19/18 ✺ Due to reasons, the group will have to be placed on an indefinite hiatus for a bit.

 ✺ 8/2/18 ✺ || APP checks are now open until the 15th of August!! Send a note to the group with the title as APP Check and a Mod will look it over for you!!

✺ 8/1/18 ✺ || Reservations are closed!!!

✺ 7/25/18 ✺ || one more week until Reservations are closed, make sure you get them in!

✺ 7/14/18 ✺ || Reservations will be open until July 31, 2018, August 1, 2018 is when reservations will be closed!!! Opening Day will hopefully be around August. No Date just yet. For anyone who is planning on joining the group and has yet to make a reservation, you must have a reservation in order to get in!!!

✺ 7/14/18 ✺ || There will be a journal update regarding the uniforms soon, so please be advise that there might be a slight change you might have to make with your character. We apologize in advance.

✺ 7/10/18 ✺ || Please make sure you apply to the reservations BEFORE you make your character. You will NOT get into the group without one, we can not stress this enough!!!

✺ 7/3/18 ✺ the APP is finally done, we're still working out a few more things but why not come by the Discord and chill with us while we finish up! And don't forget to place a Reservation down! The group won't open unless we have at least 20 down!!

x✺ 7/2/18 ✺ || The Discord has finally been made, come join us as we finish setting things up!

✺ 6/27/18 ✺ || reservations are open, and a Discord will be made soon for the group!!
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