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Web 2.0 Blog Layout

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Published: February 7, 2011
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Tirrrred orz||

Lol, new work, a neat Web 2.0 blog xD
Err..had stuff to say but now I'm just really dizzy&tired and sort of forgot it all :lmao:

Anyway, hope you like :dummy:

Tutorial for this can be now found here: [link]
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MayonesProfessional Interface Designer
the bended piece of paper have that sharp corner instead of rouded one.
sorry for my english.
MixedMilkChOcOlate's avatar
MixedMilkChOcOlateHobbyist Digital Artist
i'm loving it you should make a journal layout with it :la:
jay-cozzy's avatar
that's really cool
king39's avatar
Oh yeah I'm looking forward the tutorial :la:
CrescentDelusion's avatar
CrescentDelusionHobbyist General Artist
ahhh, yjis is really awesome <3 -approves- hnn, I need help with getting my blof layout coded Dx;
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neat, simple and so effective :)
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jcroxasProfessional Digital Artist
you should convert this to a journal soon! :la:
SanguineEpitaph's avatar
SanguineEpitaphHobbyist General Artist
Really great! I love That the colors all fit together. The theme is really great overall, and has a nice, sleek feel to it. Amazing job. :clap:
dhik-a's avatar
dhik-aStudent General Artist
This is way to epic :iconlawooplz:
HamsterMamma's avatar
HamsterMammaHobbyist Traditional Artist
realy nice! me wantz..... ^^
FlorianReich's avatar
FlorianReichHobbyist Digital Artist
very neat! :)

what's that text for? It's just filled with strange words!
anya1916's avatar
anya1916Hobbyist Digital Artist
beautiful ! What is the font you use for the title ?
LewisBell's avatar
LewisBellHobbyist Interface Designer
I'm just curious as to how the bottom right corner would work; there's text behind it so I'm assuming either the text would have to be taken out or the corner would have to have a fancy bit of coding that curls the corner up when it's hovered over..?
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SeioraiProfessional Digital Artist
Seiorai's avatar
SeioraiProfessional Digital Artist know, actually that's a pretty good question :dummy:
Let's see, how about a flash animation that is curled up when not hovered over and which uncurls when it is coheverd upon? :eyes:
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thomasVanDijkHobbyist General Artist
You're using flash animation on a blog? Isn't that overkill? And how would it fit in the CMS you'd use for it?
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SeioraiProfessional Digital Artist
Actually that was a random thought ^_~ When I made the design I gave in to my eyecandy side and hid the text behind the flip for coolnes's sake :dummy: :plotting:
Bu since nowadays a lot of unnecessary gadgets around the net are in flash, why not a blog front page element? xD
It's not like it'd be on every page xD
Then again I could probably just crop the flip and paste it in a new layer, above the text, when coding :lmao:
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LewisBellHobbyist Interface Designer
*Thumbs up*

Was just curious :P
Seiorai's avatar
SeioraiProfessional Digital Artist
I know xD
Your curiosity made me curious too :lmao:
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fazie69Professional Interface Designer
Very nice! Good job ^^
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SeioraiProfessional Digital Artist
Glad you like :)
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