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Secretly a Witch Stamp

By Seiorai
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Yes I attended Hogwarts :la:

...actually no -_-

Was kidding :P
Tho I wish it :dummy:

..........for all those who wished they had witch powers o3o
Honey-colored stamp :meow:
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Secretly kindling for the fire. 
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I'm a Zombie/Vampire...But not a Wich
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I'm becoming a witch.
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I'm a witch. Well, Wiccan lmao
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Humans can never be witches, warlocks, sorcerers, sorceresses, etc, as they are not humans, but a species of demon aka deity's mons, servants of the gods in short. Wiccans are wannabe-witches who make up crap and don't realize the error of their ways.. As a real living breathing god, aka royal angel, I know the truth as I have been around for so long.. There is many gods and goddesses, what makes us such is we are Guardians of the Cosmos, we embody the elements, and are not human in appearance... Warlock has a much different meaning in Ancient Nibirian, it really is just a term for a male witch. Humans corrupted the word with their lies and hate.. Demons aren't evil, they are the opposite..they are good and kind creatures, humans are the evil ones based on the majority but not all..
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Could you make one with "Secretly a Wolf"
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I'm a real witch. -_-
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Tell me about it, are you Pagan?
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I'm leanin' more towards Wiccan, but I like practicing both arts, honestly. :)
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A MUGGLE found out my secret... I must kill you! *takes out my wand* AVADA KEDAVRA! *the spell hits you,and you die* Phew,I am clear now...
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I actually am a secret witch lol... Tasty stamp, it shall go right in with my "Awesome Stamp" collection.
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this could also apply to Soul Eater also =D

nice stamp =D
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Featured your awesome stamp here: [link]
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OMG you found out my secret :giggle:
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Oo love this stamp :woohoo: it reminds me of my childhood when I used to play being a witch and meddle with all sorts of potions :XD:
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Happy times, nice to recall them now :aww:
Thanks for liking n_n
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indeed :)
no problem at all ^ ^
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Give me your secret witches :eager:
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...Lots of creativity? :la:

Ish good for potions xDDD
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