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Batmote o3o

...don't ask :paranoid:
Oh, and it's in DA avi size if anyone fancies it xD
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Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote Batmote 
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The flapping of the wings workes well, gj :clap:
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I :heart: it! Do you think I could use it as my icon?
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:drool: Batmote...

It looks amazing, of course. :nod:
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LOL xDDD *hugs*
Batmote..yep :3
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Seiorai's avatar comment of that week :D
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:D Thank you! I couldn't resist it so I did it XD
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You did good :D :D
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Just to let you know this emote was featured in So i herd u liek emotes?? volume 78 :dummy:
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Thank you dear :huggle:
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that thing is rather cute!
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:iconilavplz: Everything about this is awesome! The wing animation, the shading, all of it. Mind if I make this a plz?
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This is pretty awesome, love the shading. :)
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Ha, fantastic! Really great shading/animation on the wings in particular.
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Rather awesome wing movement
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looks great
animation is great
left wing looks like it was choped off
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Thankie n__n
Oohsheet, you are right, I'll fix it *facepalm* xD
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