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January 2, 2020
Akame! by Seiorai
Featured by Ellysiumn
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© 2018 - 2021 Seiorai
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I'm beginner in deviantart.

Could you please guide me how to create all these? i also want to do.

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Awesome artwork!!

Looks sick. Never watched the anime but I might see now.

I just wanna say after watching this anime 3 times, this is cool as hell. Keep up the good work!

stunningly gorgeous

totally in love with this pic , can i use it in my youtube channel ??

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As long as you add a link back to my page in the description, sure :)

for sure ❤ thank you

This is the single best akame fanart I have ever seen. Thank you.

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Thank YOU :)

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That gaze of her, it's so captivating! Absolutely stunning.

This looks so realistic. I loved it so much!! You inspire me to learn how to draw digital art like you

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Glad you like it :)

Go for it, you can do it!

Dios mío que hermosa!😍😍 por los ojos me recuerdan a las féminas del juego agony,jeje😁😁,pero este fan art de que anime es??

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Akame :)

Gracias por que te gusta :)

Gracias a ti,es unos de los mejores fan art que he visto en la vida,sigue así 😏💪👍

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This is fucking amazing!


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Full HD e.e Gracias!

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Nice real life art of Akame!!!!

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