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Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Mary by SeikoHime Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Mary :iconseikohime:SeikoHime 0 0 I am Just A Clown by SeikoHime I am Just A Clown :iconseikohime:SeikoHime 0 0 Haikyuu!! - Kenma and Kuroo by SeikoHime Haikyuu!! - Kenma and Kuroo :iconseikohime:SeikoHime 1 0 Fanart - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) - Sebastian by SeikoHime Fanart - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) - Sebastian :iconseikohime:SeikoHime 1 2 Pokmon - Ralts and Its Evolution by SeikoHime Pokmon - Ralts and Its Evolution :iconseikohime:SeikoHime 4 0 Ib - Headless Statue by SeikoHime Ib - Headless Statue :iconseikohime:SeikoHime 0 1 A Girl from The Book Cover by SeikoHime A Girl from The Book Cover :iconseikohime:SeikoHime 2 0 OC - Hime Wakamura - Christmas Special by SeikoHime OC - Hime Wakamura - Christmas Special :iconseikohime:SeikoHime 1 0 Happy National Mother's Day~ by SeikoHime Happy National Mother's Day~ :iconseikohime:SeikoHime 1 0 Bowmasters Sketch - Kacey Rich by SeikoHime Bowmasters Sketch - Kacey Rich :iconseikohime:SeikoHime 0 0 Bowmasters Sketch - Robin by SeikoHime Bowmasters Sketch - Robin :iconseikohime:SeikoHime 1 0 Bowmasters Sketch - Mime by SeikoHime Bowmasters Sketch - Mime :iconseikohime:SeikoHime 4 0 My Portrait by SeikoHime My Portrait :iconseikohime:SeikoHime 1 0 Bowmasters Sketch - Neko by SeikoHime Bowmasters Sketch - Neko :iconseikohime:SeikoHime 2 0 Happy Halloween Allen x Rachel from HM ANB by SeikoHime Happy Halloween Allen x Rachel from HM ANB :iconseikohime:SeikoHime 2 0 ME 2.0 Pixified Style Sketch by SeikoHime ME 2.0 Pixified Style Sketch :iconseikohime:SeikoHime 0 0


2017 Story of Bloody Painter Creepypasta(Original)
A file about the 2003 Murder Case.
In order to protect the privacy of the individuals and victims, in the following article, all names have been altered except the murderer.
The details of the story have been adapted to make it smoother, but I will try to tell thing.
"Mr. Helen Otis?"    I called out to the boy who sat in front of me, but he didn’t reply.
He was wearing a light blue patient robe, His dark green circles under his eyes, his messy jet black hair, and his skin, pale as paper. His gaze straight at me, like how a predator stares at its prey.
I’m a psychiatrist, my job is to interview patients. He’s been here for some time now, but I’ve never seen him communicate with other patients. He always stayed in the corner of the room. Needless to say, he was an eccentric child.
This is a judicial psychiatric hospital. The only difference between this is the way we treat patients with a criminal record, to prevent the p
:icondelucat:DeluCat 234 24
Some BP animation section
Some BP animation  section....
I will finish it on middle of August, to celebrate 4th anniversary of BP.
And the 2017 version remaker story will post after the animation finish.
[ Trailer ] New Bloody Painter Animation:
:icondelucat:DeluCat 22 6
Bloody Painter-Moonlight City (Comic Cover/New) by DeluCat Bloody Painter-Moonlight City (Comic Cover/New) :icondelucat:DeluCat 371 18 Ib Comic 1 by Kokoro-Kiseki1 Ib Comic 1 :iconkokoro-kiseki1:Kokoro-Kiseki1 271 25 Ib Comic 2 by Kokoro-Kiseki1 Ib Comic 2 :iconkokoro-kiseki1:Kokoro-Kiseki1 512 62 New Bloody Painter-Moonlight City (Comic Cover) by DeluCat New Bloody Painter-Moonlight City (Comic Cover) :icondelucat:DeluCat 470 39


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Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Mary
Long time no see! I doodle something without any eraser recently. A disaster for some of you, maybe. But at least I've tried my best.

Every HM fans should already know who this girl is.
I am Just A Clown
This is a random chara that I draw. Just to represent my feeling of being forgotten and suffering...
Haikyuu!! - Kenma and Kuroo
Yeah, here it is. Another fanart by me. This time, I drawn Haikyuu!! charas. They're Kenma and Kuroo from Team Nekoma. I like them as childhood friends myself.

Hope you like it ^^
Fanart - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) - Sebastian
Another fanart by me. This time, yeah, I've written it in the title. So, here is sketch of the demon butler *and handsome one of a demon
Pokmon - Ralts and Its Evolution
Here it is, my first fan art for Pokémon or Pocket Monster in Japan (ポケットモンスター)

They are my favourite Pokémon in the game, Ralts and it's evolutions. Just tell me if I am too old to play this, cause I am almost 19. But the nostalgic feeling about the game makes me always wanted to play it again.

Ralts is the basic or first form, turns into Kirlia in around level 20. And last is the gender-based evolution. If the Kirlia is female, it will automically evolve into Gardevoir in level 30. If the Kirlia is male, then you need to evolve it using Dawn Stone in any level you wish to turn it into Gallade.

All Ralts's family is Psychic-typed. But Gallade is slightly different with half Fighting and Psychic, such as Meditite and Medicham.

That's all, a short definition for this Pokémon family. Google them yourself to know more about it.

But I like the most is Gardevoir. Really love at the first sight ♡○♡
I am sorry being inactive for too long. I am still confused with what to upload. So, I think I will stop for a while.

Anyway, thanks for the Llama badge. It's a great appreciation for me. And, I still come in here to check update from other Deviant and browsing art.

That's it. Thank you for your attention.


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