Secret Santa 2014

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Hey guys!

Just wondering if any of you members are interested in a Seiken Secrete Santa Exchange this year?

I know the Spring Contest was a flop and I know a lot of you are mixed with being busy and/or doing other Secret Exchanges.

Just drop a comment if you're interested and if enough are interested we'll do sign-ups soon after to get a head start. :)
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QaraHobbyist General Artist
I'd give it a shot
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I'm interested
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Oh, good!  I was afraid this group was a little dead after the response to the last few activities...  Want me to start organizing, Skittle?
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Sure if you'd like. :)
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Kodoku-kunHobbyist Traditional Artist
yes for me, too ;)
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Stupid little question: what is meant by "exchange". Never took part in any kind of events here, so what am I suppost to do? Sorry for being so unknowing :)
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Basically, you let us know what you would like for a present (characters, scenes, etc) and what games you are familiar with/willing to draw or write for.  You'll be assigned a person to make a present for before a certain date (probably Christmas or New Year's), and someone will also be making you a present!  So everyone should give something and get something.
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Ah, ok. Thank you for the explanation. I like the idea, although i do not have any time control at the moment.
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ShilokhHobbyist Digital Artist
I have more time, and had fun the other years, so yes for me^^
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