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Hey guys!

I know I took out the old CrossOver folder a long time ago, but I figured I'd bring it back.

Crossovers are fun, but same rules will still apply for this group.
It's the last folder in the Gallery section.

As for the rules concerning the new folder, please make sure the crossover is mainly any characters/NPC's/bosses/elements/monster related only.
As in they are dressed as someone else from another anime/manga.  I'd really like to keep it only Mana related with no other characters and such from outside the series.

Your own OC's for any of the Mana Series is welcomed as well for crossovers. They can just be put in the "OC" folder.
Just adding that in there.

But if you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)
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AshuraGHobbyist General Artist
This reminds me of a really old creation of mine. I designed her as "Mana Heroine". That was because some boys at school said "only boys get to be Mana heroes!" which roally pissed me off. So she looks alot like a self-portrait of me in the Mana world, with a bit Duran-alike setup, but with a whip as main weapon. Would she be okay for the crossover folder, too? I mean, because she´s designed as Mana char, but isn´t from Nintendo but my own little brainworld.

If that´s in case...I´ll try to redraw her, even if the drawing itself wouldn´t be accepted for the contest.
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Basically she's like an OC from what you're saying, so that's perfectly fine. :)
You can just put her in the "OC Folder". <3
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Oh, cool, you brought back crossovers in a different form!  I like!

I'll start the contest over the weekend!
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Sounds good to me! :)