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Hi, all!

Not much activity in the group the past few months.  But it's about Secret Santa time!  How many people are interested?  I'd need at least four participants to set it up, so let me know if you'd like to participate and you're certain you'll get your gift done by New Year's!  If I get a good response, I'll make the official 2015 Secret Santa sign-up entry!

I'll be keeping much of the same rules as :iconskittlebittle:, though one I'll be changing is allowing shounen-ai and shoujo-ai in the group.  So keep in mind that you can ask for same-sex couples during the Secret Santa sign-ups.
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TernadoGHobbyist General Artist
I'm lazy & can do art though I actually like looking at the art of others. I'm trying to figure something out right now in my own art though this seem like a good excuse to see how close I am to what I want.
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Great!  I'm opening sign-ups tomorrow or Monday!
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keiiii General Artist
I'd like to be a backup artist if needed!

Also, HI :heart: 
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Hi! Thank you! =3
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KazEtsuraHobbyist General Artist
I'm interested! Maybe this is what I need to get myself up from my art-hibernation Nod 
Also, thumbs up for removing the queer ban! w00t!   It was the one thing that has felt off to me about this group, even though I'm not really a fan of those pairings personally. Though that's just because most just don't fit my headcanonSweating a little... 
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Art slumps are tough!  My problem is just laziness...  ^^;;;  And no worries!  I don't have any of those pairings either for this particular fandom, but I'm sure there are others who do.
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Shade-DuelistHobbyist Writer
I'm interested ^u^ and the same-sex couples thing is... fine by me!
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Great!  And thanks for your support!
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ShilokhHobbyist Digital Artist
I might be interested^^
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koyobaHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm potentially interested! (And bless you truly for allowing queer couples)
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Yay!  And glad you like the change!  =3
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