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:iconcautionplz: What is Not Allowed in the Gallery and Why You're Submission(s) Was Denied:iconcautionplz:

:bulletred: The work had nothing to do with any Seiken Series.

:bulletred: This group will now ONLY accept characters/monsters/elements/etc from the Mana series that are not drawn with characters from other anime/manga/games.  No exceptions.

:bulletred: Work that was not done by YOU!
--> This includes game screen shots if your Gaia avatars, sims, and the like.
-->  All submissions will be verified before being accepted or denied.

:bulletred: This group is NOT an art dump group.
--> No: WIPs(Work In Progress pictures), "Test" artwork,
--> No: sketches(unless it's clean, clear and really good, I mean really good)
--> No: Memes. Certain meme's "may" be allowed, but not all.
------> Example meme not allowed: Draw This Again Meme
--> Artwork must not be showing: The sides of the binder on the notebook, or anything else. Just the artwork as though it was not taken with a camera, iphone, etc.

:bulletred:  No Bases, or Base Edits
--> This means using someone else base(s) and editing over them.  
--> Also includes any bases you make and edit over them.

:bulletred: Nothing pornographic/heavily sexual will be allowed. No full Nudity; censored or not.
--> This includes: Hetero/Yaoi/Yuri - (straight, gay and lesbian porn)
--> This includes: full back view of their rears.
--> Nothing PG13-Rated and above allowed.
--> No "Mature Content" allowed.  This includes fanfiction for this series as well as for the "preview pictures".
--> Other than that, this is a Family Friendly group.

:bulletred:  No Shounen-ai or Shoujo-ai allowed in this group.
--> What each means: Shounen-ai = Boy love | Shoujo-ai = Girl love
--> No same gender pairings allowed.

:bulletred: No artwork on Notebook/Graph paper.
--> Lineless paper only.

:bulletred: No Seiken Merchandise in photos.
--> If you make your own crafts, then that is fine, but it MUST be stated in your artist notes; or it will not be accepted.

:bulletred: No screen shots, (de)motivational posters, or screen shots of your desktop background.
--> Screenshots also include for fanfiction "preview" image.
--> No Facebook Comic Strips

:bulletred:  No artwork with the Title "ID" in it.  
--> Your DA ID does not belong in this group.

:bulletred: Cosplay/Artwork/Photos taken with a camera that is poor quality: If you use one, make it as clear as possible.
--> Cosplay/crafts: Must not be blurry or unable to recognize character(s)
--> Only finished cosplays

:bulletred: No Collages or Wallpapers that consist of "Official": anime/manga(comic strips)/magazine images.  Unless you made the art, from scratch, yourself.
--> This includes for fanfiction art previews.

:bulletred: No Submissions available as prints will be accepted because selling prints of fanart is not allowed on dA.

:star: All denied submissions are given a detailed explanation on why they were denied. If you are still confused as to why your submission(s) was denied please send an inquiry note to the group.

:note: Please remember that when you join this group you are agreeing to the rules and that the admins and I are humans too. We do make mistakes. But we also enforce the rules. Rules are subject to change as needed.

:police: BASIC DOs and DON'Ts :police:

:bulletred: Spam, hate comments, vulgar, discriminating, or otherwise hateful behavior will not be tolerated. Use the Golden Rule.
--> First time: Warning
--> Depending on the severity of what you wrote: Banned from the group

Groups Widget: simply go to your profile and click "Edit Page" at the top, right-hand corner. Search through the different widgets available until you find the "Groups" widget. Click on it and then click "Install". Premium members may display up to 40 groups in different order and non-premium members may display up to 5 newest groups.

Name and/or Avatar Display: to make it so our name shows up type in : devSeiken-Densetsu-Club : (leave out the spaces between the colon on each end). To make it so our avatar shows up type in : iconSeiken-Densetsu-Club : (leave out the spaces between the colon on each end).

:note:  Since we're all entitled to have what we want on our own front page, having this groups logo or the group widget on your profile is not required since it's not a law. =D  Here just in case you want to have it there.

:bulletblue: Submission Limit: 5 per week.


If ever you feel that you no longer wish to remain a member of Seiken-Densetsu-Club then feel free to click on your name tab and select the "leave this group" option. You will not receive a follow up message asking why you left or asking you to return. Nor question you if you decide to come back later.

Thanks for reading!  Any questions on your submission(s) or rules?  Just ask! C:
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