With Trials of Mana's release coming up next month, is anyone interested in a contest to celebrate the occasion?  ;)
So, according to news I've read, there is a remake of Seiken Densetsu 3 called Trials of Mana coming to the Nintendo Switch, along with ports of the first three games of the series called Collection of Mana!!!  Who's totally excited?!?!?!?!?!
Hi, it's your founder who hasn't been around much lately, and I am so sorry about that!  I am sure that I've missed some submissions while I wasn't here, so please resend any expired submissions so I can include them in the gallery as soon as possible!  BTW, does anyone know how to extend the time before group submissions expire?

I was going to add a new gallery, too, but I can't remember what it was now.  A mobile game, maybe?
So, Secret of Mana is out or about to out on the PS4!  For those of you who preordered or purchased the game immediately, how is it?  Is it faithful to the original?

Remake art can still be submitted to the usual Seiken Densetsu 2/Secret of Mana folder.
There seemed to be some interest in a Secret Santa this year, so let's do it!


The holidays are coming, so let's have a Secret Santa!

:pointr: Event:  Secret Santa

:pointr: Deadline: December 3, 2015 (11:59PM Eastern Time) for sign-ups, and January 10, 2016 for presents!


:bulletgreen: Rules :bulletgreen:

-This is your basic Secret Santa event, where I assign a person for you to make a little present for.  If you would like to sign-up for this event, please respond to this journal by 11:59pm EST December 10th!

-When responding to this journal, be sure to include what you would like as a present.  You can list characters, couples, games, scenes, whatever you would like!  Also, please include what games you are familiar with!  I try to assign Secret Whatevers to those who are familiar enough with the games that at least one of their requests is from.

Since this is the holiday season, feel free to request winter scenes, Christmas, Thanksgiving,  Hanakkuh, New Year's parties, ice level battle scenes, anything to do with winter or the associated holidays!  Likewise, if you wish for your present to have nothing to do with winter or holidays, mention that as well.

-On December 4th, I will draw names and send out Notes to all participants with the names of the person they are making a present for!  You will then have until January 10th to make your present!

-Please don't sign up if you don't think you'd be able to finish in time.  You will have a month (6 weekends included) to complete your present.  We want everyone to receive their presents on time!

-If we have less than 4 people sign up, the Secret Santa will be cancelled.  If the last day comes and there are only 3 participants, I will likely sign up myself so there can be 4.  I might sign up anyways.  =3  

-You can make a picture, write a fanfic, make a sculpture, whatever your heart desires, as long as it's within DA's rules, and our group rules as well!

-When you finish your present, submit it here to the club in the Secret Seiken folder.  I won't be accepting Secret Santa presents into the group until beginning December 25th.  If you submit them before then, that's okay.  They just won't actually be accepted until then.  Submissions received December 25th through January 4th will go up within a day or so.

-Most importantly, have fun!  :heart:

:bulletblue: Participants :bulletblue:

elementals decorating the Mana Tree (and Mana Holyland) for the season (SD3)

Tzenker or Zable-Fahr (SD3), wintery Sword of Mana scene inspired by "Under a Sky Full of Stars"
scene (SwoM), or Alma, Minerva, and Joster (HoM)

something fun with monsters/boss as the main characters (SoM)

SoM main characters vs LoM hero and heroine and a pet/golum in the LoM Colosseum (SoM/LoM),
or BlackPearl and Pearl in a realistic style (LoM)

SoM main characters with Santa and/or Rudolph (SoM) or a cute picture of Tamber with some
of the elementals (CoM)