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Closed until I finish pending commissions and work c:  

Hi guys,

A good friend of mine is crowdfunding for financial aid for further studies. I'll be donating a portion of my commission fee to her cause :) 

Hope you could check it out and donate if you can! It would really mean a lot.

1) vie-en-noirCommission: Padme Naberrie
2) JaneParkerFairies - done
3)  - done
4) JaneParkerFairiesdone
5) JaneParkerFairiesdone
6) JaneParkerFairiesdone
7) DoomsDainCommission: Lamiana Chibi
8) DoomsDain -
9) DoomsDain -
10) iRL commission -
11) iRL commission -
12) iRL commission -

Chibi: $25 w/ transparent or simple bg ; (+$5 for .gif)

Bee and Puppycat chibi by seika Chiyo chibi by seika Frozen: Let's build a snowman! by seika

Half Body: $35 w/ simple bg

Charlotte for Nemu by seika  Pokemon: Pikachu Belle by seika

Full Body: $50 w/ simple bg
Akemi Homura by seika

- Personal use only. (Note me for Commercial projects and we can discuss the prices.)
- Paypal only. Kindly Pay Paypal fees.
- Send your Paypal email once I accept your order so I can send an invoice.
Please send the payment within 24 hours.
- First come, first served.
- You can post the image anywhere as long as you provide credit.
- I'll send the high resolution file after I finish.

* Extra fee if the character is too complicated.

What I won't drawLlama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1] 
R18, furries, mechs, gore, really manly men 

1) Subject: "Commission"
2) Commission type: (Chibi, Half-body)
3) Number of Characters
4) Reference Photos
5) Details and Additional Info


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Just donated hope she gets lots of money for school!
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what is your paypal? Ican finally donate! ^^
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If you want to donate straight to my friend's financial aid, here's her paypal email :)

Thank you so much for this! She's setting up a rummage sale soon for her tuition as well :)…
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I donated through indi ^^
momo-anzu's avatar
I wish I could help but...I have a total of $100 till the end of the month. If your friend still needs help when I get paid I will donate enough for a chibi! I am disabled so after I got my college degree my multiple sclerosis went to my brain...I get $700 a month but hers is  worthy cause and I will donate hehe. 
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thank you so much! ^^
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I'm sorry this has nothing to do with commissions etc but where did you get the journal skin? It is super awesome!
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I would ask for one but I'd only do it in DA points ^^; sorry
also, I keep seeing you on other people's comment section a lot for llama stuff! Are you llama spamming like me too? :D
seika's avatar
+u+ my goal is to get the runaway llama badge.
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I KNEW IT La la la la My :la: is a square-FREE ICON Explode la plz 
MINE TOO! My goal was to get the Golden Llama, than they released the Runaway llama which will take forever to get!
But I'm making a pit stop for the Wizard Llama for my birthday ;)
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I wish I could, but my funds aren't there, I'm sad to say.  Sorry I can't participate :worry::(
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it's alright :) thank you for the interest, though!
AlisterThatchel's avatar
Absolutely my dear :)
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Awwww your art is so pretty!!!:icon34nipahplz:

I wish I could purchase a commishy but it's too expensive..:iconsadnessplz::iconyuicryplz: 
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Let me see how much I have on Monday, then I may purchase a commission from ya
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^^ hope to hear from you! 
J-J-Knight's avatar
Still waiting on the commission I want done first before I order one from ya.
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God luck to your friend! My sister also set up a crowdfunding campaign to help pay my university fees to become a vet, but alas it's going nowhere at the moment. I would donate if only I wasn't in the same, zero cash, situation. :(
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thanks! Good luck with your crowdfunding as well! :3
VulcanVet's avatar
You're welcome. Thank you. :3
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