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1. Post 8 facts about your character.
2. Tag 8 other characters.
3. Post their names with the creator's avatars.
4. No tag backs(so no taggin :iconpembroke: ).

1-She an orphan raised by a monk(so no school or  mother figure in her life)

2-She hate her enormous ears because it make her look cute rather than pretty

3-Domino often passed herself off as her gay twinbrother in order to trap his catches.

4-She kind of like Zinnman, in a-that guy can take a beating and be back for more- kind of way

5-She got a skewed sense of justice: she won't kill(unless they're undead) and she will use any moral loophole she can to beat ppl she beleive deserve it

6-Since she got super-strenght she pretty much stopped using all the street-fighter like move she used to do.

7-She can sense ninja because she was there during all of her brother's ninja training.

8-She inherited her brother role in the story and Mélissa's original personae,because Mélissa would have been too much like Lina Inverse and Othello as a GOOD ninja would have ended all the fights in 5 unentertaining secondes.


:iconkacri:Shonen JET!
:iconbladewyng:Blade Wyng
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Absolutly NOTHING, now curse my name into the night for making you waste precious secondes reading this :o
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I was cooking eggs and noticed the kids from downstair chalked something up:

They're so great XD

I'm kind of amused at how the ghosts are outnumbered and the ghosts are visibly sad about the whole thing, it's like a ghost genocide :U
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I decided to get off my ass and leanr Flash, After Effect and 3ds Max, i do know analogues programs to those but after a year of mediocre research i found that these programs are more commonly asked for, plus they're pretty similar to the programs i already know so i got no excuse not to learn these :B

So expect to see more of those 1-2 hours excercise i call minimations posted on the gallery, i'mmore inspired for those lately than real pictures anyway :P
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I'm still job hunting but i'm hitting rock bottom and i don't even have money to buy bread or buy myself bus-subway fare so following SynDuo advice i aggressively remind ppl that i'm open to commissions

BW simple lineart 10$
BW complex lineart 16$
Simple colored lineart 14$
Complex colored lineart 28$
-Additionnal characters are half price extras
-Busts are half prize

Compromises can be done if you got some special specifications about the nature of the pic, backgrounds,actions,poses,increased complexity and what's not but some fees may happen in the case of adults pics and whatsnot

-ex:Complex art colored(28$)+half price additionnal character(15$)…

-ex:Simple lineart colored(14$)…

-ex:Simple BW lineart(10$)+half price additionnal character(5$)+Background treated as complex bw lineart(16$)…

Even ONE commission would help me greatly, TWO would even give me the luxury to buy milk to make coffee :o
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And this take care of the random title, this is journal entry is me following  iconKacri meme he himself got disseased from someone else :U

So pic a slot and i draw what you demand; the definition of *DRAW* is of course left to my discretion, i will at least make a sketch or if the entry titillate my muse, i might give it full neato colored pic treatment :Y

1-A badass pirate lady!
2-A big monster ala "Shadow of the Colossus"!
3-sea serpent eating lunch with a fisherman
6-Doctor Who (Tom Baker style) and a Dalek or two
7-Samurai koala
8-Silver as the Smexy
9-George Bush and Obama singing 'The DOOM Song"
(BONUS 2010 slot)11-

PS: yes, it's pretty much a request meme, but if i wrote it as such in the title the DA ants would stick to it like pink sugar vs the ppl that do actually read my OH SO rare journal entries :U
Since the last page i kind of decided to drop using the same height in everypage and bust my limit when it fit, like the last page that is 1.5 time the regular size. Since i wanted to make a special for december and also help kick my muse back into shape, the next update will be 2.5 times bigger than usual, so that is why its taking kind of twice and a half longer to finish it :B

I'm also at my parents for the holidays, so no big widescreen monitor to work and baby small resolution to work with, can't help it, my mother sight isn't improving and her pc has the the consequent settings.

Anywho, big next update coming, stay tuned.

Aaaaaaaaalso, as the year end is coming, so does the renewing date for Pensandtales, the site this comic and many others are hosted, so it would be appreciated if  some readers were feeling the holiday spirit and felt like donating....not that the site is in any danger, i'm paying for it, but i'm also unemployed and 200$ can buy me many-a-meals while if say 200 ppl felt like donating one dollars, i wouldn't have to consider washing dishes in February :B
I can also do commissions if that would motivate some ppl, 20$ and you get one colored character.

EDIT:Okay, i'm a complete moron, instead of checking on the host website i went from memory for the billing thing, but after verification seem that last year i took a 2 years plan, so no paying until 2011-01-26

Seem i outplanned myself but i was indeed right about the month of renewal :B
I leave the door opened for commissions :P
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After next week, i will be posting stuff again.

That is all :o
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Well,that's pretty much the new...
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yup, since May 1 i been working and doing overtime almost everyday, but now things normalise and i will have more than 3 hours of freetime to myself in a day XP
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Cause i still like to eat and you can help me while getting something in exchange!
I'm that desesperated!

10$ and i draw anything you want, 15$ if it's of...mature nature.

The money will go myself bread and subway's tickets, cause until i'm called for a job and receive a pay i can't affort either of those...and subway ticket are useful to get around the city to get a job XP

The requests are put on hold until i got a regular income, anxiety is mining my muse <__<

You can send paypal payment(s) to the email adresse i got here or you can ask me stuff by PM or AIM for more infos.
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Yup, i intend to have at least one done everyday, so if you got a request PM me.

The only condition is that it must inspire me, so try avoiding stuff like: draw my character or do a pin-up of...

Cause those give me artist block, be creative, give me some context or some action THEN i'd draw your chara. Feed my imagination and the pen will follow :P
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What an eventful week, first i play test subject for a study on diabetes (theyre noting my metabolism to use it in a comparaison table with people having diabetes to uderstand it better) and now i'm playtesting at Ubisoft Montréal.

Tis  fun job i must admit, back in november i passed the new prince of persia a month before it went gold, two weeks ago i did 2/3 of the fourth splinter cell and right now im playing th new farcry on a mock-up develloper kit of xbox360.

I signed a disclosure contract forbidding for saying anything important about the game itself, like details of the story or concept that culd be stole by other compagnies, they call it protecting their assets, i respect that.

anyway, the first thing i got to say about Farcry is that at first the visuals arent impressive.


After playing for a while, i realised that the water effects and the grass were really well rendred. Most of the game happen in the jungle and i must say its really well done, a "far cry" from turok or goldeneyes or any first person shooter games where jungles areas are for some reason conprised between tight foggy rock formations. True Farcry got rock formations but you got plenty of room to sneak on people( whixch you dont have choices to do, theyre smart and deadly in groups the buggers). The environnemnt are massive and very visually charged yet there never was any slowdown, the only time something weird occured was in a bogey wild race as i flew away from helicopters, the music jumped from time to time.
All that forest and ambiant sounds reminded me of home and from the nearby forest where i lived, the recreation of real forest sounds are really well done, from time to time you just forget you got a goal beside fighting for your life on paradise island :P

The plot of the game seem to happen either DURING the first game or soon after, the game beginning reminded me of jurassic park 3but replace the kid with a journalist and Grant by the boat guy who brouht said journalist, for the rest, i cant say more :P

EDIT: forget what isaid, it seem the game is a remake of the orignal farcry and a port of the Xbox version^^;
Still its pretty sexy :P
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A job for people of San-Francisco

Thu Jan 26, 2006, 5:44 PM…

I can,t apply but i guess it can be useful for someone else :)

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I lost half my brain cells watching this now it's your turn:

Dead or Alive the movie...…

Suddently Charlies Angels 2 is getting prestige in my eyes...
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Because i think the whole world should know :)…
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  • Reading: Figures of the heraldic
  • Watching: Murder by Death
you been warned....…

now you're the masochist fool who clicked that link, not me, so you only got yourself to blame now :P

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Read on:…
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Gunstar Super Heroes now!

Sun Oct 16, 2005, 3:40 PM
No folks, it's not out yet...

I pre-order it but in a frenzy of action lust i downloaded the japanese version and i got this to say...

IT'S GREAT! The gameplay is even better this time around.


It's not a sequel :P
IT's the same old thing with some alteration, the levels don't play out EXACTLY like before and some boss added, altered or left out like the rotating reactor at the end of the game.

The game was in japanese, so storywise i don't know if there a big diference, but i got to say that the ending is identical to the normal Gunstar, with "you know who" sacrifying himself for the greater good.

But no matter, i still can't wait to have the cartridge in my hands :)

PS: I don't know if anybody else noticed, but in this game  Gunstar Red look a lot like the chicken hero of Alien Soldier:


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Aaaah, everything is finally settled with the appartment.
I been pretty quiet about it since i was tired of repeating the same thing to everyone i know, but two months ago one of my roomate set fire to his room by accident(a month before i moved).
The fire was secluded to his room and quickly dispatched by the firemen and and all my nice and dandy...until a month later the contractors came to repair the room and repaint the place because of cinders mark in the passageway and the living room :P

A couple months ago i seen a new episode of the Simpsons wher Homer become friend with a contractor that keeps promising him he will help him with a hole in the roof but the guy never come and it get bad to the point people think Homer got an imaginary friend.
It was a funny episode but after having to deal with contractors myself i came to the realisation that their depiction was dead-on!
For the reparations of the appartment i devoted myself to be the guy to be there when the contractors do their stuff, since i'm unemployed at the moment and the two other roomies are at the uni and at work. So here i am, staying at home and taking it easy and looking forward to draw and stuff...BUT it wasn't meant to be >_<

I will spare what happened during the weeks prior to the repairs but let it be said that it involved lots of angry phone calls from my roomie to the assurance to get thing started, because corporations are always eager to receive your money but not in the same hurry to give something back.
So finally the assurance hire the contractors and we thought that decent living conditions were looming in our near future...

Man were we wrong.


So, the contractors send their evaluators to see what need to be done:the roof,ground of the burned room were to be replaced and everything else treated against ash and painted. The passageway was to be repainted, same with the livingroom.

Their "inspection" lasted 2 minutes and the guys looked pretty convivial and made promises that the repairs will be done fairly quickly. For the record, this is the only thing that happened in that week, even if on the phone they dropped words of starting on the spot.

So heres our first week wasted.


When the contractors came to evaluate the place, they asked us to "liberate" the places that need to be painted, that mean the burned room(not a biggy,the place is empty if you don't count the thick layer of stinking ash that cover the walls/door), the passageway and the living room, where all the stuff of my roomie was at the moment and who took nearly all the place.
So everything that was in the living room was equally divided in my room, the room of the third roomie and the small kitchen; with my room so pilled-up,i lost acess to my drawing table and the only accesible area in my room became the puter chair and my bed, the third roomie's room became a thin corridor from the door to his bed and the kitchen got cramped and was now accesible through a sas of couchs XP
Funny enough, my room was the most decent place to be, since there was tv and a puter with net access piled on everything else. We were already short on space BEFORE but now it was claustrophobic.

Anyway, for the second week all that was done was the roof of the burned room and they painted the roof of the passageway/livingroom.
Still prety far from the promise of finishing this week, even if on the phone contractors manager(which i will dub captain Douchebag for the rest of the rant) kept making promises and asked me be there all week.


Week three wasn't starting well; we passed the whole week in claustropobic quarters for nothing since the contractors didn't paint the living room.
Moral was pretty low an our trust in captain Douchebag diminished by the minute as he was saying they would be done by thursday. The truth is, he should have said "we might START on thursday". The week passed and the only concrete thing repaired was the roof, lovingly made by captain Swear(our most recurent contractor and least liked) who said to me upon completion of the roof: good /$%?"$ riddance, I'm not the !$"%!"$% who will paint that $%"$?"$ roof (ironicly, he ended-up as the official painter of the place).

After failing his deadline captain Douchebag promised us that everything will be over  by Tuesday evening, that they will do overtime and that my roomie will be able to reintegrate his room that day...


Aaah captain Douchebag, your words are like the "H" in "Hawaii": they're useless :P
From that week on i phoned the Douchebag everyday to be sure he send some men over to finish the job.
After two weeks of living in claustrophobia my patience was mostly gone and hearing captain Swear's opinion on a regular basis is bad karma. Cap Swear is the kind of guy who hate his job, who think that women are retarded, who let you understand that drawing/working on the puter is for the weaks and that if you,re not a big hardworking moron like him you don't deserve the air you're breathing.
I took so much joy hearing him swears from miscontentment while painting our wall that are 1/4 higher than the norm, which is harder to do for a short guy like him.

Beside that, they did the ground of the room and put the first layer of paint everywhere and as expected, cap Douchebag didn,t stayed true to his words. It been made even more annoying from the fact that my father was around thursday and was suppossed to bring me home(a 5 hours drive) for the weekend for (canadian) thanksgiving. I couldn't go with him since a painter came during the day and told me he and his guy would come the day after at 10h AM and finish everything, he sealed-up his promise with a good handshake.
So the Friday i waited for them...and at 1h30 PM i phoned cap Douchebag to know why no one showed-up yet. He just told me to wait and sent captain Swear my way (yay)

Bilan of the fourth week: temper getting extremely short, living condition claustrophobic and deplorable, even more broken promises and it mark the second month  since the fire and things didn't changed much since then XP

Tomorrow: the last week(THIS week) and the conclusion of the rent.
Don't worry it got an happy ending...with lots of cut corners :P
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