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Sally Jarnicoton

A future character,so far she's execo in term of favoritism of my characters with Domino :P
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really cool character! :D Love the hair.
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And the one I did is done... (though you've already seen it. xP)
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i love this!!! :love:
KleSt's avatar
She's very cute, a new character eh? awesome!
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She kind of reminds me of Honey Kisaragi (probably because of the hair).
AphexAngel's avatar
Speaking of...
She'll be fun to draw. MUST... DRAW... FANART!!! XD
She looks great.
SeigneurRuei's avatar
Feel free, this is her definitive look ;)
AphexAngel's avatar
And BTW, Zinnman's about done. XD I should have it done sometime later today.
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She seems like a whimsical character. She's cute too. With two adult women you can do Yuri fan service weee!
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1) execo = Shell.Exec(calls) While execo.StdOut.AtEndOfStream <> true
2) Executive coaching, Execo work with Directors, Senior Executives and Executive teams to give insight
3) Execo 14 recycling of cloths and plastics in France,

None of the searches I did could describe "execo" to me. Never the less she's a great character. She remindes me of Melissa with those strippy arm bands.
SeigneurRuei's avatar
Sorry, forgot how it waswritten: ex-aequo

Yeah, it's true, she does have an air of "older Melissa" to her :P
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Awesomeness. ^_^
GreenWiggly's avatar
I am LOVING her design. =D
kcomplex's avatar
CheezyWEAPON's avatar
Oooo... Very VERY nice. <3

See? The colors do work. Love the arms. :3
SeigneurRuei's avatar
THe They do more than work! I can't imagine it anyother way now!
This was a great idea of your and i cant thank you enough!
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