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First off, Happy new Year. I have decided that I want to go to AX and I am broke, and for a starving artist the fastest way to do that is commissions! So here we go!

Commission Prices:

Sketch: $15.00 USD
A full body sketch of one character.

Ink Drawing: $20.00 USD
A full body inked drawing of one character.

Digital Coloring: $50.00 USD
A full body digitally colored drawing of one character.
(These are typically a sketch that is drawn on sketch paper, scanned, cleaned, and colored on the computer using Adobe Photoshop)

Traditional Coloring: $60.00 USD
A full body traditionally colored drawing of one character.
(With all my traditonal drawings, they start as a sketch on white paper, cleaned and inked traditionally and then colored with Prisma colored pencils. The final piece will be scanned and cleaned up using Adobe Photoshop to present to you online, unless requested otherwise)

Other Options

$10.00 USD (Sketch)
$30.00 USD (Digital)
$40.00 USD (Traditional)

A head-shot of the character instead of a full-body, also known as a bust.

$10.00 USD (Sketch)
$40.00 USD (Digital)
$50.00 USD (Traditional)

Instead of the piece being a full-body, it will be a waist-up. This means that if anything below the waist is showing it will be considered a full body shot.

Additional Character:
$10.00 USD (Full-body and Waist-up)
$5.00 USD (Headshot)

An additional character is any other characters added to the one included in the commission.

$0.00-$20.00 USD (Depending how difficult they are)
Added to the original price of the commission.

Mailed Art:
$5.00 USD

This covers the Shipping and handling. The artwork will be put in a protective plastic sheet, and mailed in a cardboard envelop, to protect it from damage. All envelops will be big enough to fit the artwork without bending it. Also included will be the original sketch, unless the commission is a traditional artwork.

Commission Terms / Disclaimer:

All artwork is copyrighted to me under copyright protection laws automatically upon creation of the work.

Also note: Commissions with a deadline will have a higher priority over those without. When making a deadline, please allow me at least two weeks to complete the project. (This may change, depending on the difficulty of the commission)

Commission Information:

If it's easier to use this as a guideline to submit your commission then feel free to use it.

Name: Real or deviant name (I don't have a preference)
E-mail: (Or any other means for me to contact you)
Commission Type: Traditional, Digital, Inked, or Sketch
Figure Type: Full body, Waist up, or Head Shot
Number of Characters: One, two, three... you get the picture.
Payment: The method you be paying for the commission.
Deadline: If there is one, if not, leave it blank

Character Description:
Tell me about the chracter you want drawn, also list any references if you have them.

Commission Description:
Tell me how you want the commission done, specifications of any kind (background, atmosphere, style, pose).

And that should be it. Thanks all of you!
© 2008 - 2021 seifer-sama
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How much would it cost if I wanted to commission a paper child? They're mini pieces of art designed to look like the user is interacting with it! They look like this!

[link] [link] [link]

the last two are actually ones I've commissioned before XDDDD

I'd pay for shipping, of course! :heart:
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Oh those are cute. Hm... as for how much. How did you want them colored? Traditionally or digitally? (As for prices... I would probably just charge you as aif it were a headshot, since they are small and don't have a background) Let me know okay?

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Well, I love traditional but I don't think I could afford that XD Perhaps some sexy inked but not colored?
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I could do that. ^ ^ Just let me know what you would like. :)

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Ah, I would really like for a commission done, buuut I'm having problems with money, in that I don't -have- any. ^^;
Is this offer up for a while or should I start racking my brain? ^^
seifer-sama's avatar
Oh this will be up for a while... the con isn't until July... so I am thinking it will probably be up until June, you have some time. ^ ^ And I hear you on the money thing... wish I had some. ^ ^

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Eheh, it's good that you can depend on your art for it at least ^^'
I can hardly imagine people paying for my art =.=
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This might sound like a stupid question, but what kind of payment do you accept? (I'm talking stuff like paypal, credit card, plain old cash, money checks and the likes) ^^;

I'd love to have one of my characters drawn by you and I have the money too, but since I live all the way over in the UK, I'm somewhat limited to how I can pay you T___T
seifer-sama's avatar
Oh anything works. Paypal would probably be easiest... but if you don't have that I am always willing to make something work. :) Let me know. :)

Vamprincess-Noa's avatar
Paypal would suit me best actually lol. I was hoping you'd say Paypal since it's the easiest method for me ^^;

Okay, one last question(s) before I go ahead and commission you. How do you want the info for my commission sent to you (just post it up here, or send to you in a private email, etc?) and when do you want the payment (do you want the whole amount upfront - which is fine with me if you do *nods*)
seifer-sama's avatar
Yay for Paypal. So easy. :)
You may send the commission in anyway you see fit; whether it's through Deviant or my e-mail (

And as for the way the payment works, I'll do a sketch for you and send it to you, once you approve it if you could send the payment then I can finish up the commission for you. :) Sound fair?

Vamprincess-Noa's avatar
If it's all right with you, I'll note you on your DA account. I've had problems in the past sending emails to hotmail accounts for some reason but I can receive mail from hotmail users perfectly fine =/

The terms you've purposed suits me fine. I'll send you a note shortly with details for the commission ^^
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awesome, let me get some money, and i'll get back to you on that one
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