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Air: Aang

Series: Avatar the Last Airbender
Character: Aang
Medium: Pencil, paper, photoshop
Time Taken: 6-8 hours

Oh look, another drawing!! I have to admit I am surprised it took me this long to submit some Avatar fanart... It's one of my favorite shows! So I decides I would start by following the Avatar cycle. Expect to see a Water: Katara next!

I actually had a difficult time coming up with a pose for Aang. I guess Air isn't my element. I really wanted a swirling motion to illustrate the Airbending style. I finally settled on on this post though. I also wanted to experiment with color a bit on this one. I chose a blue background and I thought it might be neat to have orange and yellow near the base of the tornado, as if Aang were moving so fast he was a blur.

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Very nice Aang~~ But he would have look more upbeat if he had a light-hearted, big grin on his face! :heart:
Still, very nice and I love the folds on his clothes! I hope you decide to make Zuko one day~~!!! :la:
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wow! it's amazing :meow:!!! i love the pose and the orange details in the base :D!
unknownvizard's avatar
Whoa this is really awesome! I think you did a great job with his pose!
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thisismyspot's avatar
I love how you did the air, and how his clothes fold. Great work!
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love how the air was done.
bamf27art's avatar
that's awesome!!!!!! Love the coloring and shading!
seifer-sama's avatar
Thanks!! It's different, but that's not a bad thing I hope. :P
CaribbeanRose9's avatar
Wow, this really makes me want to be an Airbender. :D
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