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Mature content
.|Full Circle|. :iconseieihime:Seieihime 3 3
“The wind blows gently

As feathers fall around me

A dove perhaps?”
Glassy eyes, filled to the brim
With pain and longing
She is…all alone?
A curious face
Not one I’ve seen before
Why is he crying?
Our paths differed
Twisting and turning
In seemingly the opposite direction
And so, we moved forward
One toward rejection
The other to infatuation
A blank face, small figure
And a heartless attitude
Surround her in shadows
An energetic demeanor
Infectious smile and lonely soul
Adorn him like a cloak
A gentle breeze catches her hair
As the forest around her
Teems with hidden life
And cautious eyes watch
Through the flickering shadows
As an obscure creature came closer
Fingertips as soft as daybreak

And eyes like dew drops

Gaze on in wonder

As a normally fearsome creature

Hummed with contentment
:iconseieihime:Seieihime 9 0
.|Workings of Love|.
Betrayal felt much colder
Than the ice creeping through her veins
Or the blizzards she had powered through
No, it was a different kind of cold
One that leaves anger and pain in its wake
Letting go was harder than he thought it would be
Leaving her in the arms another man
Was something that he regretted
More than he was willing to admit
Elsa was on the forefront of her mind
But she wasn’t the only one there
‘Will he…miss me?’
Panic drove him down the winding halls of the palace
‘Please! Please be okay!’
‘Love blossomed in an endless winter
Like a flower blanketed in soft snow
Delicate and yet…unwavering.’
Numbness eroded at her consciousness
And the lights gradually dimmed
Her eyes struggled to stay open
As cold white continued to spread
A pure, but corrupting essence
His fingers stumbled over the lock
Of the room he knew she was locked insi
:iconseieihime:Seieihime 3 13
.|Water Dragon|.
Light twinkles above me
Refracted off ruby eyes
In my watery abode
I am…lonely
Plush grass greets my claws
It is strange here
Nothing like my home
Perhaps I can find it here
It was coincidence that it saw me
This small, weak, squishy creature
It couldn’t possibly sense me
Definitely a coincidence
It came back….again
Constantly, constantly bothering me
I thought returning to my lake would help
It didn't
Why won’t it leave me be!?
No matter where I go
It’s there
Looking at me with its big, glossy eyes
It got bigger
It’s less squishy and more solid now
I don’t think it remembers me
Small, idiot creature
‘How curious~’ she thought
As she explored
A new but familiar place
Buried deep in the woods
‘I’m sure I've been here before~’
Sneaker clad feet propelled her forward
Deeper, deeper still,
:iconseieihime:Seieihime 3 2
Mature content
.|Midnight Meal|. :iconseieihime:Seieihime 0 8
Mature content
.|Merciful|. :iconseieihime:Seieihime 5 8
Mature content
.|Forlorn|. :iconseieihime:Seieihime 4 5
Mature content
.|Painted Smiles|. :iconseieihime:Seieihime 0 1
.|Closed Off|.
As I walk through clouds, sheltered by rain
I paint the trees that oh so gently brush my feet.
I sit and watch as the rivers sing secret melodies
And spires cut holes in my gently flowing clouds;
As purple rain soaks my swaying fields
And glass flowers shatter at its touch.
As I breathe in the smell of earth,
The cracks beneath my feet are swallowed by time.
Memories shimmer in the distance
And my sunsets are but clouds of dust.
I run lies between my fingers,
Like blades of grass that cut my skin.
I hold the shore-less ocean in a bottle
And cast my fears to the bitter wind.
I cradle the moon on my lake-bed
And gather the stars to sleep at night.
I am too weak to lie in meadows
But too strong to cast out monsters
All is gone too soon
But, as I awake from my awareness,
I catch my tears
And smile.
“All is gone again tonight,
But never shall I see
The miseries that befall myself
Have they yet to mare me.”
:iconseieihime:Seieihime 7 6
Hold my hands and imagine;
A place no one can see.
Where memories are lived out
And oaths cease to be.
You can paint your skies
The colours of your dream
And swim in the waters
Of forgotten galaxies.
If everything you can imagine
Could sprout wings and fly.
Would you follow regardless
Of what you leave behind?
Would you abandon stability
And take to the unknown
To follow something reckless
But all the same your own?
:iconseieihime:Seieihime 4 6
.|But Then|.
Wings of freedom are so easily clipped
A simple frown can end a dream before it’s born
Fear causes many to stumble
But rejection is what really kills
Indecision is painful and confusing
And many never start anything for it
The road is often too long to cross
But no bridge will guide us through
Our footsteps are shrouded in mist
Traps lie about our feet
So that only the brave shall pass
Smiling is shameful,
But frowning is hateful;
Tears are disgraceful,
But laughing is painful;
Lying is the only option
Because the truth burns too much.
Lying is like drowning.
Once you breath in,
Life clogs your lungs
And you cease to breath
Terror courses through my veins
As lead touches paper.
To write is to admit;
And to admit is to accept.
The only thing holding me back
is my refusal to acknowledge.
All the decay just beneath the surface,
Is something I wish for no one to see.
Tentative steps in any direction
 are the only course I’m willing to take.
I will never ask f
:iconseieihime:Seieihime 2 4
.|Trip Wire|.
I grasp for memories as they fall before me,
Like grains of sand too small to see.
Little things now forgotten,
Oh whatever could they be?
Steam blocks your face,
I cannot see
Whether or not you look at me.
I find it odd but say nothing more,
'Cause you're closed behind that door.
The maze I've built around my mind,
Guards me from clear thought.
With layers wrapped in meaning,
But too obscure to unbind.
Where do I reside in my mind?
Tears come too fast for my liking,
But I shed them with a smile.
They betray my weakness,
But also my pride.
Because I gave my tears a name.
They are called "humanity"
I'm not witty or clever,
Nor light as a feather.
I'm not gentle, nor meek,
More like a freak.
I view the world as a two-sided mirror
Not blind to the pain and horror.
I count my blessing
And mock those who don't.
I accept those around me,
Whatever floats their boat.
I prefer the cold of reality
to the solidarity of the mind.
And whether frie
:iconseieihime:Seieihime 3 8
.:Curious Eyes:. by Seieihime .:Curious Eyes:. :iconseieihime:Seieihime 15 6
'My World Revolves'
These pieces of myself that bombard me,
Fragments of people I wish I could be.
They gather behind my eyes and try to see my world.
Always pushing and shoving like children,
Confusing and changing me as they go.
I try to be myself but they keep turning me away.
Pulling me this way and that, ‘Why not be me today~?’
Always always I watch those with perfect demeanor.
Why are they so confident in who they are?
Am I the only one who has to fight with myself?
Through trial and error, the answer I’ve come to is ‘No.’
Just like me, they have to constantly battle and strive.
Always clinging to what they want to be.
After a while, I noticed that they watch me too.
But what they see is someone who always embraces change,
Walks her own path, and does it all with the confidence of experience.
They too fight their 100 fragments, searching for the perfect combination.
And the only difference between me and them is that I’m still looking~
:iconseieihime:Seieihime 6 0
'The View'
Taut muscles that dance under smooth skin
Ease swiftly through complex movements.
Never a beat off, always twirling and shifting.
As I watch, I begin to wonder about the other.
‘How did you come to know your gift?
Was it a fluke? Perhaps someone pushed you?’
As my thoughts wandered, my eyes glided back to your form.
Exquisite motion greet my eyes as you seemingly
Float across the room, every limb swaying to the beat.
You smile as you go along, unaware of my gaze.
Not a care in the world; just you and the small universe you create.
I find myself drawn into that smile, bewitched even.
How can such a simple expression change you so much?
It’s as if every sound you hear is music and you can’t help yourself.
The music stops and your friends come to congratulate you.
Small tears trickle from the corners of your eyes.
Chuckling, I stand up from my perch.
Perhaps I’ll come watch you again sometime~
:iconseieihime:Seieihime 6 7
Mature content
Forged Memory :iconseieihime:Seieihime 6 11




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.|Social Agoraphobia|.
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