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Diamonds and Feathers OTA [Open] by Seibir Diamonds and Feathers OTA [Open] :iconseibir:Seibir 20 2 Cuddle by Seibir Cuddle :iconseibir:Seibir 17 2 Neautral Dragon by Seibir Neautral Dragon :iconseibir:Seibir 16 6 Happy Gecko by Seibir Happy Gecko :iconseibir:Seibir 13 0 Noodlestash by Seibir Noodlestash :iconseibir:Seibir 21 4 Rainbow Teeth and Spade Tail by Seibir Rainbow Teeth and Spade Tail :iconseibir:Seibir 27 2 Sleepy Gecko by Seibir Sleepy Gecko :iconseibir:Seibir 14 2 Devil Wolf by Seibir Devil Wolf :iconseibir:Seibir 35 7 Halfbody All Fluff by Seibir Halfbody All Fluff :iconseibir:Seibir 20 7 Long Sweet Flatsale [Open] by Seibir Long Sweet Flatsale [Open] :iconseibir:Seibir 25 2 Neon Skies Flatsale [Closed] by Seibir Neon Skies Flatsale [Closed] :iconseibir:Seibir 24 7 Yawn by Seibir Yawn :iconseibir:Seibir 21 2 My Sleeves are Stained Red by Seibir My Sleeves are Stained Red :iconseibir:Seibir 20 2 Creature OTA [Closed] by Seibir Creature OTA [Closed] :iconseibir:Seibir 25 10 Hey There by Seibir Hey There :iconseibir:Seibir 19 2 Sleepy by Seibir Sleepy :iconseibir:Seibir 31 2

Pixel Art

50x50 Headshot/Icon

Seal Face by Seibir Sleepy Gecko by Seibir Burn 'em by Seibir
  V Tiny Dyke by Seibir

100x100 Anything

!!! by Seibir

200x200-300x300 Anything/Pagedoll

Rolling End by SeibirDreams by Seibir Get Baked by Seibir  Cutie Patootie by SeibirOpossum on Rye by SeibirBlehh by SeibirHair Flip by SeibirTail Hug by Seibir

500x500 Anything

Stretch by SeibirDevil Wolf by Seibir
Noodlestash by Seibir

50x50 Animated Icon 
Videotogif 2018.07.03 17.28.42 by Seibir  Meh by Seibir Yawn by Seibir

50x50 Simple Animated Icon
-SWEATS- by Seibir You Said It by Seibir


(no examples yet)


The Fox Says 'Pplff' by Seibir WolfSkin by Seibir Agnes by Seibir Floating Head by Seibir What are teeth by Seibir

Half Body
Halfbody All Fluff by Seibir



Full bodies

Untitled275 20180720120157 by Seibir

Simple Shading

Leap by Seibir Spike by Seibir Alien Runner by Seibir
Hand to the Face by Seibir Hands of Diamonds [Closed] by Seibir Magic Lilies by Seibir Underglow by Seibir

Complex Shading
Shy Guy by Seibir Rei Bae by Seibir Big Peets for Big Boys by Seibir

(Old Examples)

Fake Screenshot

Old by Seibir

Full Background, Shaded (1 Image)
Untitled1 by Seibir
Dank Cave by Seibir

+1 Character= +$5
Wings/Complex markings/Ect.= +$2

$1=100 points
•Half before I start, and the rest after I'm done.
•Don't send payment until your commission is accepted.
•Anything above $10 is preferred PayPal.
•You are only eligible to a refund if I haven't started on your commission.
•If there is a mistake on my part, tell me and I'll fix it free of charge.

-To make sure you're happy with your commission be specific, unless you want me to take artistic liberty.

Order Form
(ex. 200×200 Pixel Shaded Full body)
Reference: (character ref, opt. insp pics)
Specifics: (ex. pose, style, mood, ect.)


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