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prince of tennis bl content

iz yukimura and sanada from RIKKAI^_^
be caught by the musicial PRINCE OF TENNIS recently
as not living in japan ,i hav no chance to see their service live >_<王子樣最高!!!
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SanaYuki!! Totally love this pic~~!! So beautiful >w< Nice job!!
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Gah! Delicious scandal!
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you draw sanayuki!!!!!!! i think you're my new hero!!

so rare to see this pairing drawn! YAY!!
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SanaYuki looks so wonderful together. <3 :+fav:!!
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Beautiful picture~! Such pretty art... Nya! Lovely.
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Yay Yukimura and Sanada!!! Granted, I like the idea of them being straight but this pairing is just SO cute ^^ especially love the emotion on Sanada's face (he's so protective :))

Lovely job!!!
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Ammm... No need to be in that tight hug... XDDD
Anyway... It is well done ^_^
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Wonderful colouring. Love the faces and expressions. And the feet! ^.^

yes, is it not painful *overdramatic* to know that you'll (probably) never see them live? I know how you feel... ;__; *sob* My friend just got me into the musicals (have not seen all of them yet) and we always say "ah, when we go to Japan (one fine day..? >_> ) we HAVE to catch a musical!!!" :XD:

Anyway, nice work :)
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Ohhhwah, invisible table invisible table. I love the composition. Their expressions make me blush. *u*
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Stunning work again sweety! I hope you win because this is deffinatly a classy and beautiful picture^_^ You did a great job on this entire thing:hug:
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He's raping her!
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Lolz, those two are guys~
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Yes. The girl-like one has a sort-of terminal disease who's the captain of a tennis club. The other guy is his vice captain and his best friend.
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Girls these days and their yaoi...Still a nice drawing though.
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LS: Marvelous work! The expression and poses are great. So full of feeling.
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Oooh, they look so beautiful. It's really amazing.
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王子!!!!! *0*
很少人画他们俩 ;__;
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Okay now this just means I really need to watch POT, awesome job! :D
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gosh they look so lovely! i don't remember them looking THIS lovely in the anime *luvs*
you did really beautiful work <3
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