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He Laugh by Sei-Bellissima He Laugh :iconsei-bellissima:Sei-Bellissima 13 1 Dedede Stamp by Sei-Bellissima Dedede Stamp :iconsei-bellissima:Sei-Bellissima 114 26 Crazy Hyness by Sei-Bellissima Crazy Hyness :iconsei-bellissima:Sei-Bellissima 31 3 Pengu Knight by Sei-Bellissima Pengu Knight :iconsei-bellissima:Sei-Bellissima 23 4
Sugar Rush (Kirby Fanfiction) Chapter 4
When Meta Knight and Kirby arrived at town, they didn’t use the main pathway, and instead walked through the bushes to stay hidden, just in case the Cappy women from earlier were still there. Thankfully, they were nowhere in sight, and were replaced by a sea of noisy, excited children, eager to get their hands on the sweet treats.
Kirby first emerged from the bushes, followed by his mentor soon after. Kirby scanned the crowd of children, quickly spotting a much taller figure, who, despite to be looking overwhelmed by the boisterous kids, was doing her best in trying to give everyone a free lollipop.
With his target in sight, Kirby firmly gripped his mentor’s hand started making his way though the crowd. Meta Knight willingly joined him, only because they were so close to achieving what they had been trying to do all day: getting Kirby a new lollipop.
Maneuvering through the last bit of children, the two puffballs reached their destination—only for Meta Knight’s
:iconsei-bellissima:Sei-Bellissima 3 2
Sugar Rush (Kirby Fanfiction) Chapter 3
 “And now for our next prize, the Starboard Microwave, Model 2000! This amazing piece of technology is a result from the latest in food-heating research! And with the brand new Defrost Mode, you can defrost your frozen foods in record time! Alright, contestants, make your guesses! We’ll be right back on ‘The Cost is Lost!’”
Blade sighed as he lustfully eyed the prize being given away on TV. “Seriously, I should go on this game show! Then I could win all these fancy new gadgets!” he yelled at his brother, Sword, who was currently in the kitchen.
“And make all of my hard work trying to fix the microwave a waste? No way!” countered Sword, briefly turning his power drill on to help prove his point.
“Oh, but I bet technology has advanced so much that things won’t break anymore!”
“Foolish Blade, you can never trust technology these days! Remember what happened to Robo-Escargon?” Sword said, referring to
:iconsei-bellissima:Sei-Bellissima 3 1
Sugar Rush (Kirby Fanfiction) Chapter 2
 “You want what now?”
“A lollipop… preferably one of those big, colorful, swirly ones.”
Words could not define how embarrassed Meta Knight was feeling right now. First off, he was in Pupu Village’s one and only toy store, already a big no-no for him. The fact that Kirby had wandered off a few minutes ago had only made the whole situation worse—he could only imagine the thoughts of the kids giving him weird looks nearby. Their parents must’ve thought he was insane! He, a highly-decorated member of the Galaxy Soldier Army, was in a toy store, asking the owner about stinking lollipops!
“Well, I’d usually have them right here at the register,” said the toy store’s owner, Gengu, who gestured to a cardboard stand with holes in it—obviously designed to hold lollipops. “But, as you can see, it’s empty. I can go check in the back for some more, though.”
The who
:iconsei-bellissima:Sei-Bellissima 3 2
Sugar Rush (Kirby Fanfiction) Chapter 1
 “So this is for me?”
Meta Knight wasn’t known to come to town very often, but he had been trying to do so more frequently as of late—Fumu had told him it would make him seem more “friendly.” Even so, the Cappies usually left him alone, not only because they knew well that the knight wasn’t very social, but also because they typically didn’t need to talk to him about anything. So let’s say that the knight was pretty surprised when a young Cappy girl came up to him offering a lollipop.
“Yup! Mommy told me to give this to someone who was alone, so it would cheer them up!” said the girl proudly, clearly determined to complete her assigned task. Once more, she shoved the sugary treat into the knight’s face in hopes that he would accept it.
Now, Meta Knight loved sweets (not that anyone else knew it), but this lollipop was just ridiculous. It wasn’t one of those lollipops that you would get from the doctor af
:iconsei-bellissima:Sei-Bellissima 5 0
One Headache of a Day (Kirby Fanfiction) Chapter 6
The two puffballs finally made it to the castle, much to Meta Knight’s relief. He had fallen over multiple times due to dizziness during the trek, and he would have to stop and take a break. At this point Meta Knight was so exhausted and dizzy that he could barely walk straight without leaning on Kirby. The child didn’t mind, though; he just wanted his mentor to feel better.
“What happened?!”
Meta Knight sighed; it looks like he and Kirby had run into Sword and Blade. He prepared himself for the embarrassment that was sure to follow as his squires ran up to him. He gave them a minimalized explanation of the events that occurred during the day, including his fall, intentionally not telling them the details of it.
“Um, Sir? How did you fall in the first place?” Sword asked, sounding very confused. As much as he respected Sir Meta Knight’s privacy, he was also very concerned and curious as to what happened. Even Kirby looked up
:iconsei-bellissima:Sei-Bellissima 7 7
One Headache of a Day (Kirby Fanfiction) Chapter 5
"Kirby, stop pushing me so fast; I'm going to fall over again," mumbled a very dizzy and aggravated Meta Knight. He and Kirby were walking along the path that led to town, which was where Dr. Yabui's office was located. But Meta Knight was starting to wonder if going there would be a bad mistake…
Kirby continued to push his mentor energetically, feeling proud of himself. He was able to convince Meta Knight to go to the doctor! It was very hard to convince him to do almost anything, unless it had anything to do with swordfighting or training. Sometimes, though, Kirby would be able to persuade his mentor to go on picnics with him.
"Well here's a rare sight!" a familiar voice called out from behind the two puffballs. They turned around to see who it belonged to, and they came face-to-face with Moso, the village's postmaster. "What are you two doing here?"
Meta Knight wasn't sure what to say at first. "Umm…"
"Poyo poyo! Poyo Meta-Kni poy Yabee!" Kirby attempted to explain.
:iconsei-bellissima:Sei-Bellissima 7 0
One Headache of a Day (Kirby Fanfiction) Chapter 4
Meta Knight had managed to find his way to Whispy Woods while also staying out of sight of other people. Thank goodness, he thought. Hopefully everything else will go oka—
He was once again startled from his thoughts, this time by tripping over a tree root. He quickly pulled himself back up, wiping off his mask. This is getting annoying, he thought. Meta Knight continued walking... but… didn’t he pass that rock on the ground there? He turned around, but… he was sure he passed that tree stump with the wavy rings. “Great. Now I’m lost,” he muttered under his breath.
Meta Knight turned around again, trying to stay in a straight line. All he had to do was get to clearing, finish the training session with Kirby, and then he could go home and crash into bed. He could do this…
That was Kirby! He was almost there…
Something collided into Meta Knight. Whatever it was, it hit him ver
:iconsei-bellissima:Sei-Bellissima 7 5
One Headache of a Day (Kirby Fanfiction) Chapter 3
Meta Knight tightly wrapped himself in his cape, trying his best to stay walking in a straight line as much as possible. He was so dizzy, he felt like he could fall over at any second. But he couldn’t give up now, he had business to do.
He groaned when he felt his vision get blurry for the millionth time. This was getting ridiculous. He was even feeling a little nauseous now. What the heck did he do to his head? Maybe he—
Meta Knight was startled from his thoughts when he collided into… well, something. His vision was too blurry to make the orange figure out at first, but he eventually recognized it as a Waddle Dee.
“Aaagh, I-I’m sorry!” He apologized, attempting to hide his eyes, which were pink from embarrassment.
The Waddle Dee stared at him in confusion for a moment, before deciding to leave and continue its work.
Ok then… hopefully no one else saw that, thought Meta Knight. This is getting embarrassing…
Meta Knig
:iconsei-bellissima:Sei-Bellissima 7 0
One Headache of a Day (Kirby Fanfiction) Chapter 2
Pain. That's the first thing Meta Knight felt when he woke up a few minutes later. What happened? He lifted his aching head to look around, but his vision was extremely fuzzy. Blinking to clear his vision, he lazily rolled onto his side and tried to remember what he was doing last. He was in his room by himself, reading a book and he remembered getting bored with it... But what happened after that?
As the knight's vision finally solidified, he came face-to-face with the stool from his bedroom, and a chair from his kitchen not too far away. Looking closer, he saw that one of the chair's legs had snapped in half, rendering it useless. He looked up and saw a bookshelf, with a jar of candy sitting on top... only to have his memories come flooding back to him.
Why had he been so stupid?! It was already a dangerous move, and the candies probably weren't worth the effort. And now, thanks to his stupidity, Meta Knight had probably given himself a serious head in
:iconsei-bellissima:Sei-Bellissima 7 2
One Headache of a Day (Kirby Fanfiction) Chapter 1
Today was a peaceful day in Dreamland, much more peaceful than usual. And Castle Dedede's knight was taking full advantage of it. There, in his room, sat Meta Knight, unmasked, peacefully reading a book. Sunlight was shining in through the window, making the room bright and warm. It was very quiet, and the only sound that could be heard was the clock on the wall ticking, very faint sounds of children playing, and the occasional twittering of birds.
Meta Knight's squires, Sword and Blade, were out on patrol, so he could finally have time to himself. It was impossible to get in any free time for weeks, due to training sessions, drama with the King of Dreamland, spring cleaning, and having picnics with his favorite student, Kirby. Speaking of Kirby, Meta Knight remembered that he had a training session with him later this afternoon. He would take his time though. He might even cut the session short, considering how relaxing and peaceful it was today.
Getting bored with his book, the knigh
:iconsei-bellissima:Sei-Bellissima 10 4



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