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The day's not over yet Carrot Top by sehtkmet The day's not over yet Carrot Top by sehtkmet
...At least with Derpy around.

Inspiration for this came to me from, but not limited to any single, Calvin and Hobbes strip where Calvin tries and fails to get through a single front door unscathed. If you wanted a specific one, then go with this one [link]

Ever since the recent Artist Training Ground hosted by EQD, my latent interest in attempting to be artistic seems to have been rekindled.

I am fully aware that I am miles away from being skilled, but I feel this comic has retaught me a few things, and will be one of many steps to combating my procrastinatic nature and actually becoming half decent.

If any fan of art or ponies (or both because you wouldn't be here other wise) has any constructive feed back, criticism or just plain praise for a job well done, please feel free to to. Ill keep trying on my own in the meantime, but help a brony out!

My current goal is to master my line art of the body and hair shapes, then eyes. After I can make a decent pony, ill move on to making my own backgrounds that don't always look like colored boxes.(not likely)

I currently use Paint Tool Sai with a high stabilizer setting to trace over a hand drawn sketch of my own design.

Background and Panel layering was done in Photoshop

These Confounded Ponies belong to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
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February 29, 2012
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