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moved and feeling terrible. i don't know if it's allergies (dusty as hell here), but everything is still in boxes because there is no shelfspace here. maybe i'll just live in boxes
watching chihuly: river of's keeping me from doing myself in...really bad day.
Been doodling with watercolors, a set I've had for about twenty years. (Really doesn't seem like they're that old). Only vermillion is good; the rest are dried up like crusty tomatoes.
Finished my first graphics for a t-shirt, and need to iron them today. Also, need to get busy with changing cgi addresses, and remodeling the site. That's always fun/bummer.
I've not slept well. So tired. Listless really. At least I bought some watercolor paper.
Couldn't do a damn thing this weekend, because I was trying to collect all of my ramblings, put them into folders, and finally be organized. And today, the laundry. Ugh! And now my finger is burnt out because of all the catching up I had to do (eMail, journals, etc., etc., etc.)

Preferably, I can get down to brass tacks tonight after a rest.

I'll be getting busy, I tell you what!
Now that I've got one thing out of the way (another spur of the moment thing), I feel empowered.

What next..?
Another birthday gone...