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I always wanted to make my world. I didn't mean to hurt somebody, make them feel bad.
I just wanted to show them the beauty. The calm.
This endless quiet. I was sure that I can make a perfect place, full of love, beauty and joy.
But my intentions were pure. But somebody understood them in the wrong way.
Now, my world is collapsing- the stars are fading, the neverending night is becoming to the day. My poor childen, they don't know the light. Single ray can make them scared, or even blind. I want to hide them in my shadow, but my body isn't big enough. 
Them, over my head, they think that they're heroes, the chosen ones. But the one who's sufferring the most, is me. I want to tell them that I dind't meant to. 
But, unfortunately, we're on completely other sides- the day and night. 
Please, don't.

My contest entry for the Twist Fate contest. If you like it, please comment, I'd LOVE to know what you think about it c: 
Paint Tool Sai,
Time: too much. Definitely too much.

MLP belongs to Hasbro
Art by Me
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There are a few concepts I always search for in pieces. The first is an original idea. The second is the amount of effort put towards attaining that idea. The third is colour scheme.

In all three of these concepts are both met and then blown away. The idea is thoroughly interesting and I know if I were to stumble upon a series with this idea, I would most certainly follow it. Despite not having as much of an interest in this fandom as others, I can definitely get behind an interesting idea such as this.

Then with the effort in this piece? The colours look absolutely amazing, and the ideas of how things would change are beautifully executed. The thought, effects, shading, everything must have taken a very long time. I believe the result was entirely worth it.

Last is colour scheme. That as well has been done phenomenally. Seeing the colours bright at the top, obviously the high road, to dark on the bottom? Not only is the soft glow of space beautiful, but the warm glow from behind helps with the idea that though it's darker down there and outcomes look bleak, it is still the more honest, genuine place to be. Plus it beautifully illuminates the characters, top and bottom. I do have a soft sport for space themes as well, so perhaps I may be a little bias when it comes to the bottom half.

All in all, a beautiful piece. It wonderfully outlines the ideas while illustrating them with verve and flexibility If there was one thing I must critique, that would be the balance of the piece. The bottom is much more heavily focused upon. Though it is beautiful, the top almost takes some away from it. That and unlike the bottom, the top lacks a concrete colour scheme. Perhaps if the sky was more shaded with the sun setting with the character's shaded dramatically to solidly outline their role as villains, it would work better. Though, even that can be seen as intentional. I have to dig hard to find things to fault with this piece. That's how you know you've found something truly wonderful.
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Seeing your entry's thumbnail on the T.O.F. 's finalists page - I was surprised (a MLP fan cheering for the fandom's obseesion!) and a bit puzzled (I need to see this larger to get the idea). I was like
"Mane Six (whoa, where's AJ? [she's what appears to be a third scepter over Pinkie Pie's back]) over the Nightmare Miasma (darkness)?"

This could be viewed differently based on perspective ("is the glass half full/half empty" idea). The chains are the fence between good and evil. Based on their facial expressions, it looks like Celestia and Twilight are merely advancing their knowledge of magic. I think that you could have made Twilight and Celestia's appearance to be more dark (the dark magic aura from Crystal Empire 1&2 as well as some black metallic jewelry and green irises for Celestia).

Otherwise, a POWERFUL piece of art! A great mix of light and shadow in Luna's half! Anytime I see the concept of 'mane melding into the sky', it's mesmerizing!

As an aside, I wonder how Spike and any other characters would fit in this flipped realm! It would be something if there was a character who could bridge the two 'worlds'....
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Your piece really shows the twisted fate of Equestria with Princess Celestia and the mane 6 as the antagonist and Nightmare moon as the protagonist. I really love how Nightmare Moon's mane is kind of like the sky of the bottom half of the piece. I really looks like the evil mane 6 and Celestia is trying to break down from where bad guys are banished to, which is the sun in this case, into the night with the villages, which I assume is Equestria, which is on the good hooves of Nightmare Moon. The chain clearly represents the barrier between them. Nightmare's guards are also the shadowbolts, which are the evil counter parts of the Wonerbolts. So I personally think you should've added the wonderbolts at the top with the evil Celestia.
All the expressions are clearly shown, and it takes not long to figure out who's evil and who's not, with Twilight and Celestia's devilish smile and Nightmare Moon solemnly dipping her head. The Shading of this piece is truly excellent, the light on Nightmare's wings, neclace, helmet and shoes from the glowing city brings out the 3D look of it. Also with the shadowbolt under one of Nightmare's wings, it looks like she's protecting him/her from the antagonists trying to ruin the peace of Equestria.
The shading on of the mane 6 is very impressive, but I feel that Pinkie, Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash is too far back in the picture, and it's quite hard to see them. I think you should try to make the staff that Celestia and Fluttershy is holding a little more clearer because I'm slightly confused by it, but over all, this is an amazing piece of artwork demonstrating the what ifs of Nightmare Moon being good and Celestia being evil.

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skygalaxydarkHobbyist General Artist
I do really love the art! It brings me so much nostalgia of the show!
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SegraeceHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much! ;3; I'm so happy to hear that <33
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skygalaxydarkHobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!:D (Big Grin) 
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SamanthaBaez21Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my goodness! This actually reminds me, completely of Season 9 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. This drawing is flawless & phenomenal! Nice artwork! ^^

Little glitter rainbow Little glitter rainbow Little glitter rainbow Little glitter rainbow Little glitter rainbow Little glitter rainbow Little glitter rainbow 
Lily's Rainbow Box Lily's Rainbow Box Lily's Rainbow Box Lily's Rainbow Box Lily's Rainbow Box Lily's Rainbow Box Lily's Rainbow Box 
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KupatoHobbyist Digital Artist
This is so sad but amazing!
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That was unexpected.

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DareStormHobbyist General Artist
oH wOW 
Beautifull :000
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SegraeceHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much! c:
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DareStormHobbyist General Artist
You're welcomee!! ^♡^
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DameinatrixHobbyist Writer
I basically feel like this about a lot of villains. They are often sympathetic and just trying to be understood.
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SegraeceHobbyist Digital Artist
Poor badass bois. They just need love and noone gives it to them </3
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Oh poor Luna :(
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PattonsCatHoddieHobbyist Photographer
Cool concept!
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MoonblossommanwiseHobbyist Digital Artist
scary, but awesome!
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NakouwolfHobbyist General Artist
Wow, that's an excellent drawing, we have no idea in the end of who's the nice or bad guy :la: 
Nice job :clap:
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i'm going to assume this is where i comment to get the badge from the glitch,, if not whoops sorry
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:) (Smile) 
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