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Inescapable Past, Act 6 - Act Your AgeIn an elevator lobby on the fifteenth floor of King Maximilian Acorn Free Hospital in downtown Station Square, a bell pinged. The automated silver doors rolled open. The waiting nurses and orderlies shuffled aside to make way for a black cat in a red bodywarmer and blue neckerchief. Behind her followed a chipmunk in a blue gilet, carrying a skinny pink hedgehog in a purple gingham dress on her back. The hedgehog’s glum, tear-streaked face was propped on her carrier’s left shoulder.The onlookers traded murmurs of recognition as they filed into the elevator. Some kept an eye (or even two) on the somber trio as they trudged down the brightly-lit hallway towards the ICU observation rooms. Leading the way round the corner out of view of the gawkers, Hershey saw a muskrat in khaki janitor’s coveralls pushing a trolley towards them down the corridor lined with light-grey doors.She and Sally flattened themselves against the wall as best they could to let him pass. Their eyes widened in unison as they glimpsed what lay on the trolley: a flatscreen television with a great big hole smashed in it. Feeling her bodyguarding instincts kick in, Hershey went ahead. Inside the room they were heading to, she found Espio sprawled on a burgundy couch with his eyes were closed. At a loss for how else to announce herself, Hershey knocked lightly on the wedged-open door.“Come in,” said the chameleon, half-opening his golden eyes. They opened wide when Sally entered with Amy on her back. “Travelling in style, huh?”The hedgehog narrowed her bloodshot eyes at him and hid her face in the nape of Sally’s neck.“Sorry,” muttered Espio, scratching the back of his neck. “My condolences about Vanilla.”Sally nodded her acknowledgement. “Where’s Vector?”“Search me. I stopped him going for a doctor after they said he couldn’t see her, so he put his hand through the TV and took off.”“Shouldn’t you go after him?” Amy piped up.“Trust me, kiddo. I know when I’m not wanted.”Sally suddenly looked thoughtful. “Say, would you mind keeping Amy company for a little while?”The chameleon shrugged. “Will she mind keeping me company me company for a little while?”The faintest of smirks broke out on Amy’s tearstained face as Sally knelt down for her to disembark. Straightening up, the chipmunk stretched and pulled the unsuspecting hedgehog into a snug embrace.“I’ll be as quick as I can.”Kissing the preteen’s forehead, she left the observation room in lockstep with Hershey.“So, did they pick you up from school, too?” asked Espio, getting up from the burgundy couch.Amy’s brow furrowed. “Oh. This? No, it’s, uh, Cream’s actually.”“Is it indeed?”“Uh, yeah,” she said, smoothing out the worst of the many creases the dress had accrued during her piggyback ride.“So…would that mean you were at home when your apartment got shot to shit?”Amy’s head snapped up. “How did you-”“I took a stroll while everyone was trying to call you. Your building’s custodian needs to be more careful about leaving those first-floor windows open.”“But Sally didn’t seem like she-”“Sally doesn’t know because I didn’t tell her.”The hedgehog blinked. “Why not?”“I figured she probably had enough to worry about without entertaining the possibility of you being kidnapped.”“Kidnapped? What’re you talking about?”“Granted, it doesn’t exactly square with the bloody tarp but, uh…”Amy tilted her head in confusion as Espio trailed off, turned his back to her and knelt down.“Why don’t you just tell me on the way?” he said, looking over his shoulder.“On the way where?”“Anywhere. This place is giving me the creeps. You ever seen the observation deck?”Amy shook her head. This was the first time she’d been to the King Max at all.“Then get on.”“Are you sure?”“What? You think your principal can lift more than me?”Amy shrugged and did as she was told. “Sally’s not my principal. I don’t go to her school.”“Then maybe don’t…dress…like you do,” said the chameleon, wheezing as he stood up.By the time Espio set foot inside an elevator, Amy had already said most of what she had to say. Owing to the Chaotix detective’s insistence on having an elevator to themselves, they lingered a long while in the fifteenth-floor lobby. The preteen was more forthcoming than she had been with Sally, but she still neglected to mention her dawn visit to Sonic’s place.“Sounds like you’re in quite a fix,” said Espio as the elevator’s bell pinged.Amy frowned, unsure this description did her and Shadow’s predicament justice. However, any urge to voice her disagreement faded as her chaperone stepped out onto the observation deck’s black marble floor. Before Elias Acorn bought it, the octagonal skyscraper had been Station Square’s priciest hotel, The Obsidian. Up here on the twenty-ninth floor had been The Obsidian Lounge, a private club so exclusive, even scions of the House of Acorn weren’t guaranteed membership. All traces of the club were now gone: the bar, antique furnishings, sculptures of dubious artistic merit, and a grand piano Sonia had regularly performed on. In their place were eight black steel benches and some artificial ferns which looked in need of a good watering. The benches were positioned in such a way that each faced one of the eight enormous windows that constituted the observation deck’s walls.Amy peered down at their reflection on the polished marble tiles as Espio waddled towards the bench nearest the elevator. Lowering his passenger onto the slatted seat, he went through some exaggerated stretches and flopped down next to her.“Okay, so maybe your principal can lift more than me,” he said, huffing and puffing.“You bet she can,” said the hedgehog, giggling softly, “Thanks for the lift, though.”“Anything that means I don’t have to listen to those shoes of yours,” said the chameleon, shooting a glance at her flipflops.Amy self-consciously kicked them off as she raised her feet onto the bench and hugged her legs.“Did the principal happen to say what she was going to get you?”“Actually, she didn’t.”“Not assembling a crack team of Freedom Fighters to back you up, then?”The preteen looked at Espio quizzically. “I, uh, don’t think so.”“That’s too bad,” he said, turning to look out at the Station Square cityscape.Amy’s gaze remained fixed on him. Her brow gradually corrugated into a frown. “How are you so calm right now?” “You saw what Vector did to that TV. I have to be able to keep my head in case he tries to bite someone else’s off,” said Espio, leaning back on his hands. “Don’t mistake composure for calmness, kiddo.”“I’m nearly thirteen, y’know,” she muttered.“Do forgive me.”The preteen sighed. “It’s just, you just don’t seem to be very, like, shocked.”The chameleon sighed in turn. “To be honest, kiddo, I’d been worried something might be up with Vanilla for a while.”Amy looked aghast at him. “Why?”“Vector had been helping her and Cream out with money.”The hedgehog narrowed her eyes. “What does that prove?”“It was more the fact he was doing it without telling me,” said Espio, “Whatever Vanilla was doing at that clinic, I’m not sure she was seeing many clients.”“Why’re you telling me?” she asked plaintively. She didn’t like thinking there may have been a clue about Vanilla’s true condition that she somehow missed.“Little thing called trust, kiddo. You told me your secret, so I’m telling you mine.”“Why, though?”“So you’d to agree to let me come with you.”Her green eyes widened. “But Vector-”“Isn’t looking for company right now, as we’ve established,” he cut in, “To be honest, he’d probably appreciate the extra space for a couple of days.”“Well, if you’re, like, sure-”“Believe me, kiddo-”“You can come if you promise to stop calling me that!”“Deal,” said Espio, unable to suppress a grin at her outburst. “Right, now that’s settled, mind if I ask you a favor?”Amy eyed him uncertainly. “Like what?”“Could you drop this ‘brave face’ routine for five minutes?”“What ‘brave face’ routine?”“Based on what you told me, this thing’s going to get harder before it gets easier. Take this time-”“What’re you talking about?” she snapped.He turned his head to face her. “Vanilla just died, Amy, so quit trying to be a hard-ass and damn well act like it.”His harsh tone made the preteen wince slightly. She stared defiantly into his stern golden eyes, but she soon felt fresh tears slipping down her cheeks. Something about his unflinching gaze punched through whatever had been damming her tear ducts. Before she knew it, the trickle became a cascade.“Yeah, yeah. Uh-huh. Sure, I’ll-… Wait, hold that thought.”The chinchilla lowered his cellphone and looked over to where a child had suddenly started wailing. Two benches away, he saw a skinny pink hedgehog hugging her knees, face buried in the skirts of her purple gingham dress. It was doing almost nothing to muffle her cries. Meanwhile, a purple chameleon beside her looked on stoically. The chinchilla was about to say something when the reptile hesitatingly raised a hand and placed it on the hedgehog’s heaving shoulders.“You want to borrow what?”Elias Acorn stood up out of his chair so he could see properly over the wall of paperwork crowding his desk.Sally rolled her eyes. “You heard what I said.”“I wanted to give you a chance to think up a slightly less ridiculous request.”“She only needs to get to Emerson’s Point. It won’t even be gone an hour.”“That’s not the point, Sal. It’s called an air ambulance.”“I was at the unveiling too, remember?”“All the more reason why you should know I can’t just go loaning it out to family!”Sally’s cerulean eyes narrowed. “Did I say I was the one who needed it?”Elias raised his own cerulean eyes to the ceiling, rubbing the back of his neck. “Of course you didn’t.”“What’s the real issue here, Elias?” asked his sister levelly, “You’ve never gotten hung up on principle like this before.”“The only principal here is you,” he muttered. She scowled. He didn’t apologize.Then, her eyes widened. “This doesn’t have anything to do with the Gossip Goddess, does it?”The founder and CEO of the King Maximilian Acorn Free Hospital regarded the principal of the Alicia Acorn Academy with a sidelong glance. He didn’t answer.“Elias!” blurted Sally chidingly.“What do you want me to say, Sal?” her brother retorted, throwing up his arms.“I want to you to show a bit more backbone than-”“Do you have any idea what it’ll be like for me if word gets out I let my little sister borrow the hospital’s chopper?”“Do you have any idea what it’ll be like for Amy if she loses another friend today?”Elias huffed and fell back into his chair, partially disappearing behind the paperwork barricade. Leaning back in her own chair, Sally massaged her temples. This was starting to feel depressingly familiar. It was almost as if, having been separated for much of their teens by the war, they were still making up for years of lost bickering. Not that she didn’t some sympathy for her brother.Until Sonic destroyed Death Egg, Prince Elias Acorn had been dead as far as his subjects were concerned. He’d been presumed killed in the same shuttle crash that claimed their mother Alicia’s life at the onset of Robotnik’s invasion. Only later did it emerged that Alicia’s family, who she’d been visiting in Trillium City, persuaded her to leave Elias in the north. He’d subsequently lived incognito with the Wolf Pack guerrillas until Robotnik pulled his forces back to Metropolis.The prince’s homecoming had been somewhat spoiled by a gossip blogger named Breezie. Previously the Squarian Gazette’s royal affairs reporter, she’d been fired after nearly giving away Knothole Village’s exact location. Unable to bash Sally without alienating readers, the self-styled ‘Gossip Goddess’ had taken out her pent-up disgruntlement on Elias.She’d cast him as a shirker who’d only returned to the fold now that the immediate danger to the House of Acorn’s rule had passed. Since then, Breezie’s blog had become the hottest gossip website on Mobius. Even now the monarchy had been abolished, she still took potshots at the former prince whenever possible, presumably for old time’s sake. “Would it make it any easier if Hershey flew the helicopter?”Elias stood back up. “What if a call comes in while they’re in the air?”“She could always divert.”He scoffed. “Is Amy Rose some sort of EMT now?”“You’d be surprised,” murmured Sally. “Look, I’m not sure what else I can say.”“Can you promise you won’t ask for anything like this again?”Sally frowned. He made it sound like she’d done this before. “I would say that’s doable.”“Take this, then,” said Elias, tossing something over the paperwork barricade. She caught the plastic keycard. “It’ll get you onto the roof.”“Thanks, big brother.”“Just be quick,” he pleaded as she ran out of the office. She found Hershey standing in the hallway.“Successful?” asked the cat.“Eventually,” said Sally, brandishing the keycard. “You?”Her assistant patted a bright red duffle bag hanging off her right shoulder. “Everything she’s allowed without a license.”The chipmunk smiled. “Nicole, are you there?”A polygonal hologram of a brown lynx in a violet wrap dress appeared out of thin air beside them.“Yes, Sally?”“Are you plugged into this place’s cameras?”“I can be,” said the hologram’s synthesized feminine voice.“Can you see Amy?”“Amy Rose is presently on the twenty-ninth floor, Sally.”“That was easy,” said Hershey, following her boss and Nicole to the nearest elevator.In due course, the trio set foot on the black marble floor of the observation deck. Up ahead, Espio was lying on his back on a black bench. There was no sign of Amy. Cautious of second-guessing the most advanced AI on Mobius too soon, Sally led them closer to the dozing chameleon. Sure enough, there the pink hedgehog was, right in front of one of the eight enormous windows.Sitting cross-legged in the purple gingham dress, she looked for all the world like a schoolchild taking in the view of the Station Square cityscape. Alas, much as Sally wanted to believe otherwise, she knew awe had to be the last thing on Amy’s mind. So it proved when she crouched and saw tears dripping into the preteen’s lap.“Amy?” said the chipmunk softly. The hedgehog slowly turned to look at her. The whites of her eyes were almost as pink as her fur. “Y-yeah?”“It’s time.”Wiping her eyes on one of her dress’s cap sleeves, Amy scrambled to her bare feet, walked up to the bench, and tilted it. Hershey and Nicole both winced on the half-asleep Espio’s behalf as he landed flat on his front.“Amy Rose!” snapped Sally, affecting a tone usually reserved for misbehaving students.“Hold your fire, principal,” wheezed the winded chameleon as he got up, “I probably earned that one.”“How?” asked Nicole, her synthesized voice convincingly conveying incredulity.“I made a little girl cry.”“I’m not a little girl!” squeaked Amy, brandishing the flipflop she was about to put on.“The young lady doth protest too much,” remarked Hershey, smirking as the hedgehog looked at her like she’d been betrayed.“Everyone in the elevator. Now!” commanded Sally impatiently.“Lead on, principal,” said Espio.The chipmunk eyed him quizzically.“I told kiddo here I’d lend her a hand.” He nimbly caught the elbow Amy aimed at his ribs and pulled the hedgehog into an armlock. “Of course, I could always reconsider.”The preteen whined, struggling pathetically against the Chaotix detective’s hold as he steered her towards the elevator. Not putting it past Elias to have a stopwatch running, Sally thought twice about intervening. One floor down, Espio finally released her when the fivesome came to a door marked ‘ROOF ACCESS ONLY’.Sally swiped the keycard and accepted the bright red duffle bag from Hershey. While the cat headed through the door, the chipmunk turned and presented the bag to Amy.“I hope this helps.”She frowned as the preteen hesitated to take the bag.“Allow me,” said Espio, plucking it from Sally’s outstretched arms. Amy promptly leapt into the same outstretched arms.“Thank you so much,” whispered the hedgehog, squeezing her benefactor tight.“You’re welcome. Just come back safe, okay?”“I will, I promise.”Sally broke the embrace and planted a kiss on Amy’s forehead. “That dress really does suit you, by the way.”Amy flashed a bashful smile, curtsied, and scampered after Hershey. Espio followed behind, his hand raised in farewell. Sally pulled the door shut behind him. Her hands lingered on the push bar for a moment as a thought struck her. She glanced over her shoulder. Nicole’s translucent green eyes were staring at her.“Did you need something, Nicole?”“We are still awaiting the research data from the Solaris Institute, Sally. It is required to expediate the next phase of tests.”“I’ll try giving Elise a call.”“Thank you, Sally.”With that, the polygonal lynx vanished. The chipmunk sighed. Amidst everything else, the quest to identify the condition Vanilla had succumbed to had momentarily slipped her mind. She wasn’t sure she really appreciated being reminded. Nevertheless, she retrieved her cellphone from the inside pocket of her gilet and went in search of somewhere to sit.The best she could find was a wooden bench on an empty corridor down the hall from Elias’s office. Sitting down, Sally went to open her Contacts list when a text notification stayed her thumb. Blinking in surprise, she pressed the pop-up instead without a second thought. Her messaging app opened on an image of an unmarked white bus with tinted windows parked at a gas station.She scrolled down. The next images were from inside the bus. The first showed Mina crashed out across two seats, her purple weave in disarray. The second showed Sonia with her nose buried in a Princess Blaze novel. She was holding the book in one hand while simultaneously brandishing a middle finger at the photographer. Sally snickered. She could sympathize.Beneath further images of the on-board kitchenette, some cramped-looking bunks, and an even-more-cramped-looking bathroom, Sonic had put the caption ‘Home sweet home.’‘Makes Knothole look like Castle Acorn,’ typed Sally.To her surprise, three dancing dots appeared below her message almost immediately.‘Knew we shoulda bought that plane,’ came Sonic’s reply.Sally was midway through typing her response when another message appeared.‘Oh crap. Ash wants to talk driving shifts.’‘Tell him he’s not the one on tour,’ wrote Sally.‘He sounds serious. I better go.’The chipmunk groaned mournfully.‘Fair enough,’ she typed. ‘I love you.’‘I love you too,’ Sonic wrote back.
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Past / Future { Day 3 } by PhantomPhan14



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