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Brotherhood Club ID design

By Segaia
This months competition for thebrotherhoodclub is to design a deviant ID.

I said I'd put together an entry for the club, and this be it. It's not very exciting, but I didn't have time to draw and colour something from scratch (sorry, Lance! :hug:).

Screencaps stolen from haruka's screencaps. [link]

Promo pics stolen from Beyond Evolution, which is now replaced by [link]

Do I need a disclaimer for this? The characters belong to Marvel, anyway. :)
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good pics of lance Alvers.
Rocktumblersgirl's avatar
I love this. Very Cool

tornjakdaxter's avatar
WHOOT!!Now you should do one for Magneto's band....that would be cool...
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I've been unable to find any promo pics for Pyro and Colossus, which would make things difficult... Then I need an Acolytes club to do an ID for. :D
mike-the-vile's avatar
Looks great, I love it! :D Good luck for the competition? I might be late with that since I had so many deviations to check... >_>
Segaia's avatar
Thanks! :hug: Voting has just started...
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Thats did a really great job with the id. awesome
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Too fricken Cool!! X-Men:Evolution kix fraCKIN' ass!
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looks nice ^^ well done
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No need to worry! I like this one a lot! (in fact it's my favorite entry thus far...but shhhh...not like I get to vote XD) I enjoy the placement of the characters (especially Pietro near Lance, *sigh* you're a girl after my own heart arentcha? ;) ) Great color choice too and slogan and screengrabs. What can I say? I adore it :clap:. Wonderful work. ^.~

pietroclub thebrotherhoodclub
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That was the best way the characters fit. It was like Pietro and Lance wanted, no, needed to go together! :D
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nice idea, I see you put yourself in the centre ;)
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I didn't think about it that way until afterwards!

For the long explanation, although I rearranged them a few times, this was the best fit. Pietro and Fred had to go at the back since I only had small pictures of them, and they would have been pixelly if I blew them up. Lance was facing left, Todd right, and Wanda centre- it just worked like this! :D
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i like i like, very nice even if it wasn't one of your own drawing or colourings it still nicely done :w00t:
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